General Hospital POLL: Did Jason’s Chokehold on Jake Cross the Line? VOTE!

General Hospital POLL: Did Jason’s Chokehold on Jake Cross the Line? VOTE!“General Hospital” fans were stunned by Jason’s (Billy Miller) dream on a recent episode. A sweet moment between this father and his son turned into a total nightmare! Jason grabbed Jake around the neck and began to squeeze. As he tightened his grip, the poor boy looked terrified. Jake gasped as he told his dad he couldn’t breathe.

Fortunately, Jason woke up on the couch and realized it was all in his head. The point was to illustrate that Jason is consumed by guilt and anxiety. He fears that he may have hurt Jake while they were on Cassadine Island. It’s nice that Jason is worried about Jake and what he might have endured, but was this really the best way to show that concern?

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Many GH viewers expressed outrage on social media. The scene was pretty disturbing. The fact that it was a dream didn’t make much of a difference since we still had to watch it play out. If we had the choice, it’s doubtful that any of us would’ve asked to see Jason choke his own child!

Jason is tough when he’s dealing with the mob world, but he’s a big softie when it comes to his family. He loves Sam (Kelly Monaco) and his kids with all his heart. Jason has a lot of love left for Liz (Rebecca Herbst) as well. “General Hospital” has been developing a better relationship for them as co-parents lately.

Jason’s children obviously mean everything to him. Some GH fans might argue that this chokehold fantasy was disrespectful to Jason’s character. He’s a loving father and it’s hard to see him presented in any other way.

Of course, this probably isn’t unforgivable to most “General Hospital” watchers. We’ll keep tuning in day after day like we always do. However, there will definitely be an outcry if GH has more scenes like this in the works. It’s a good idea for the ABC soap to steer clear of the creepiness.

“General Hospital” viewers care about their favorite characters and they don’t like to see them tarnished, even in dreams! Do you think GH crossed the line? Was the chokehold too disturbing? We’ll give you updates as other news and rumors emerge. Vote in our poll and don’t forget to check Soap Opera Spy often for the latest “General Hospital” spoilers, rumors, updates, and news.

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  1. Shirley Kabalka says

    You are trying to destroy Jason’s character. I hate this. I for one will walk away from this show. The writers are trying to destroy this show!

    1. Denise Smith Venable says

      BM should leave GH! Frank uses any and everyone to pimp Liz and she cannot act!Better writers have tried and they seen that she cannot act and that a fact! Guza had set her down and on the low,low!Frank has issues, its something seriously wrong with him! You cannot make fans do what they do not want to and to destroy a soap because fans do not care a a character is hurting a lot of people and that character!If she don’t do GH than I doubt she will get another job on soaps.Frank hated the character of Jason BEFORE he go to GH! I do not understand why they would bring a person who soap was canceled,because GH was kicking their asses to GH?Frank came to destroy,he and that other thing and that’s is what he is doing!Billy Miller should leave and so should Kelly!

      1. Kevin Pham says

        Rebbeca Herbst is great actress she deserves the GOLDEN GLOBE an MEDAL being forced to always be prompted to support the almighty FRANCO and SAM characters on GH…. year after year REBBECA HERBST has to support other characters with her role as LIZ…. after all these GH epsiodes that are catered tot he almighty JASAM fanbase and these annoying FRIZ scenes
        it was a damn shame to see the role of LIZ… not have the spot light it deserved to take down TOM BAKER to honor EMILY QUATERMAINE’s memory all by itself…. after what the character TOM BAKER did to EMILY and LIZ… we know you love jASAM and you must have you’re jasam scenes in every episode.. but do not shame the role of liz.. to a point to call the actress a bad actor when the role of LIZ.. can do beautifully and act beauitfully just to convince the audience that the character LIZ must be in relationship with franco.. and go out of it’s way to give a damn and care about the character SAM that has been made to wrongfully destroy all aspects out of LIZ’s life just to give the JASAM fanbase their almighty jASAM show and pairing…!! LAURA WRIGHT came to GH 2006 MAURA WEST came to GH 2013.. and both LAURA and MAURA can play a damn good AVA and CARLY just as damnly good as REBBECA HERBST who came to GH and has been playing ELIZABETH WEBBER on GH for this SHOW for that many years.. compared to the ALMIGHTY SAM character…
        all three women can act circles as the role of SAM.. better than the actress…
        the only reason you have you’re JASAM show.. and you’re sick jokes to insult the role of LIZ.. is because you are allowed too by the grace of the actress who choose to be the role of LIZ.. and the writers who continue to write this show for you the JASAM fanbase.. you should be thankful these writers GO out of their way just to serve JASAM to you.. on a platter every year… since 2009 the way the ripped the role of LIZ and destroyed this character forever for the almighty jasam fanbase….. we are not asking for you’re respect because we don’t need it.. but you should have some respect towards the actors and actresses who work so hard everyday just to give you’re 36-37 minutes of ENTERTAINMENT… ??☕️? LONG LIVE JANE ELLIOT ANTHONY GEARY DAVID LEWIS Patsy Rahn Leslie Charleson stuart damon
        Johnny Whitake Geneie francis Kin Shriner Tristan rogers maurice benard Ian Buchanan Finola Hughes Richard Dean Anderson Rachel Ames John Beradino ??☕️?
        bon voyage

  2. amimom says

    If your goal is to take #GH down, than @valentinifrank and #Jelly are succeeding. Seriously, seriously? What happened to our show? The one that told great stories? On Friday, you couldn’t wait until Monday to see what had happened. The families, the love stories, the conflicts, have they died with your hearts?

  3. Kevin Pham says

    we all know that as dream??☕️? and hopefully in time jason and little jake will find their bond!! When this thing that helena did to them finally blows over!!! ??☕️?
    JASON will be okay with his son again! ??☕️? We just have to keep hope and wait and see to keep hope alive. ??☕️?

  4. Kari Fondren says

    Walk away from the show ?? It was a dream Jason didn’t want to be jakes father figure to begin with because of his own fears relax everyone knows it was a dream how ever other part didn’t make you walk away that we’re not a dream when Luke raped Laura or when kefer beat Kristina relax people it was a dream of his own fears worst topics have happened on the show

    1. Denise Smith Venable says

      Liz trapped Jason and instead of throwing her under the bus, or Franco he hate on Jason!Its time to bring Lucky back! The kid lives with Liz he might have issues because of her! jake kept saying his dad was Lucky and than Liz told him no it was Jason! he never explain anything to these kids!Now she lives with a rapist/murder,and they are trying to make Jason worst. Like before it comes back to Liz, he walked 17 flights of stairs in a blackout to get banged and thought she would have Jason!Liz need to explain things to these kid and what of the other kids,they play with jake?They are probably wondering what the kill is going on?Fucked storyline and as usual no one thought things threw!All about trying to make Friz a golden couple and it will never happen>RH should have have tried to do Franco,he sucked at it,nothing like Franco,he got fucked and he should have just went somewhere else!ITS TIME TO FIRE FRANK AND HIS HOLD WRITING TEAM!

      1. Kevin Pham says

        no she didn’t…. and JASON MORGAN is the father…. it will never be LUCKY or FRANCO……
        let the biological father raise his son.. we know how much fans must have their almighty jASAM scenes… but this show is called general hospital just let the writers do their job to faciliate to the end of this story line and then you can have your ALMIGHTY BORING JASAM scenes again??☕️?

        1. Alexia Cole says

          Lucky is legally jacks dad so yeah

          1. Kevin Pham says

            i know this was supposed to be simple reply but this motion to this conclusion of this statement has to be addressed. ??☕️?yeah that’s it.. as we know LUCKY is not permanent canvas daily year and end to year end Character for this new age of General hospital from 2012 mostly to 2017 present time ??☕️!!.. And LUCKY is not a canvas character to continue the lapse in judgement of this storyline!! Which stands to say Lucky is not present to hold a say to what this JASON MORGAN approves.. logically this jason morgan can fight Lucky on this matter about this….and keep in mind… both LUCKY an JASON MORGAN would logically agree that franco should have no part or say over little jake’s life, franco kidnapped AIDEN and after all these years there writers making liz date her own son’s kidnapper!!!??☕️?
            These writers keep saying that this is the NEW JASON MORGAN so i’m sure this JASON MORGAN would not want to continue sharing custody with LUCKY.. if lucky agreed that jake should be around franco!! It’s annoying enough this jason morgan has to share custody with FRANCO now thanks to liz and this riducous story line pairing relations to #MAKEFRANCOGREATAGAIN…. gawd for bid… yes .??☕️?
            by legal name Lucky is a second father to little jake!??☕️? But let’s not forget how much these writers luv the ALMIghtY JASAM fanbase ??☕️?and the jasam fanbase could easily make JASON MORGAN and SAM remove LUCKY as a legal father name and allow JASON MORGAN to take full control of litte jake.. mind you i’m not even a jasam fan but the faster franco is away from little jake the better this story line will come as it supposed go!! All these interceptions of having to include franco removes the magic that came between the ORIGINAL CAST SB JASON MORGAN and LITTLE JAKE!! It’s frustrating to sit through these scenes and watch the son of JASON MORGAN come towards franco.. as a father figure??☕️? !! When we all know what franco did to SAM and MICHAEl and MAXIE and LULU…. franco has no right to be rewarded to his life or relationship with LIZ let alone have a say over Little jake’s life after what happened to michael!??☕️? It’s like watching FAISON with ANNA…that is what FRIZ is… and we all know ANNA would never be with FAISON.. so why is franco allowed to be with LIZ… ??☕️? it’s even more condescending to see the character liz… being written to REASSURE and Indulge the role of franco as if this character is a man-child—>>> considering that this character has so much guilt and low-esteem.. why bring the charcter LIZ in that pairing down to promote the deviant character franco spirits up…when we all know who LIZ is connected to through this show’s sequence!! ..And when we know how dangerous franco is…. and everything he has done to the people in JASON’s MORGNA’s life!!! Even spinelli hates franco spinellie ??☕️? would have gotten rid of franco faster than this JASON MORGAN’s ignores franco!! We will never understand why all these FRIZ fans want to take jason’s son away from him… and give little jake to franco…. it’s really freaks us out that the gh fan base must treat the role of jason like as if he’s a monster.. ! When JASON MORGAN spent 10 to more years paving away for a peace of his own redemption and JASON MORGAN still suffers today now seeing how is own son is in pain through what helena did to jake and to jason morgan!! And that pain is the result of JASON MORGAN’s horrible forever growing sad life…… Meanwhile franco who prided himself to antagonize jason morgan back in 2009-2011 comes back to GH in 2013 on false pretenses beliving he was a quatermaine and would get ELQ money because he believed he was a quatermaine and??☕️? … then turns out he’s not even a quatermaine and now after franco’s fallen relationship with carly… ! And then franco found a new light in himself.. through NINA … that was the only time i began to respect the role of what FRANCO was trying to achieve.. then the past 12 months FRANCO changed… he dumped nina.. like a scumbag and left NINA because nina wanted a child and she can’t have kids and just wanted one through adoption.. while franco jumps and leaves NINA for LIZ… ??☕️???? Liz is a past lover from JASON’s Morgan’s life, lIZ has three kids, and one of them is fathered by jASON MORGAN..!! So ??☕️?what is up with FRANCO obsession to come after people that are personally connected to JASON MORGAN’s life.!. That is the real psychological twisted evil in FRANCO that everyone of these FRIZ fans continue to ignore!! Lets not forget before FRANCO was with nina.. he was with CARLY.. and that relationship made no sense…. Carly is the mother of the child franco he had raped in jail poor michael!.. And carly was about to make the mistake to marry franco ??☕️?then after the fall out.. of carly’s deception in the relationship… FRANCO made a fool of her at the failed wedding!! But then franco continued this destruction to carly when the damage was already done.. franco punished carly and many other bystanders such as shawn and jordan and franco’s own mother heather!….. Imagine what franco would do to liz if LIZ cheated on franco!! LUCKY can come and claim little jake through papers.. but here is JASON MORGAN he’s had 11-12 months to get rid of franco…… and he does nothing.. it’s not like him…. at all.. but these past 2 months finally this jason morgan does something right he puts his foot down and states to taunt liz that he would take his son away from LIZ if Franco was this close to his son… and therefore LIZ and franco now don’t live together… THANK GOD!!!! Because enough is enough… aside from that we know this JASON MORGAN really won’t take little jake away from LIZ!! ??☕️? But… if we see franco at ROBIN’s baby shower.. i’m gonna be sick… liz should be at cassidine island she gave birth to the kid and she has every right to a point to dictate what goes on in little jake’s life, but JASON MORGAN is the biological father!! Hopefully these friz fans can stop forgetting that and wishing death on CHILD CHARACTER because it ruins their FRIZ SCENES… =__=…. nobody asked for FRIZ especially us.. that pairing is toxic to GH we already have enough toxic relationships on this show COUGH COUGH —>>> jasam ??☕️? one is enough……! If it weren’t for little jake and the story line around FRIZ… a lot of us would skip friz scenes…. if that baby shower scene is going to be in the GH episodes for May sweeps we better see Patrick telling franco to take a hike and have no where anywhere near that baby shower…! Because all those people in that room were abused emotionally through fear because of franco
            PATRICK terroized by the news of franco
            ROBIN terroized by the trouble she learned of what franco did to michael through JASON and SONNY!!!
            Dr. KELLY who feared of Aiden being kidnapped and the news of aiden begin kidnappened resulted by franco!!??☕️?
            Laniey who feared the presence of franco when Franco attacked local people of Port Charles during 2009-2010!! That last year we see Laniey was 2010 so by that Logic this franco nightmare has to end it’s just insulting to the GH characters we have learned to respect and here they are diminishing the good ones that actually hold legacy of audience members who have been loyal to this show for many years. ??☕️?
            I mean here we have NICK CASSIDINE the character itself never had the most quickest redemption role in history as to the way these writers did for the role of franco!! So why would TC ever come back to GH when TC’s character is veteran character these writers should have paid homage to his role as NICHOLAS CASSIDINE and here bloody franco is getting all this spotlight and undeserved respect from the audience, it’s not right..
            hopefully things change.. franco needs to go back to nina and forge his way back to legitmate not CLICHED writing writers crutch agenda storyline he doesn’t deserve coming anywhere near JASON MORGAN’s son.. even SAM agrees i was so proud of SAM on the day the hospital almost blew up during the FEB 2017 MAY SWEEPS she finally showed franco the fear that everyone had because of his shenanigans on the people of port charles franco put people through..!
            bon voyage??☕️?

          2. Alexia Cole says

            Kevin I don’t have the patience to read all of that :p but I’m a JaSam fan and all I really care about In GH is JaSam and JaSam family also I really like Sonny and Carly but the writers have chosen to break them up -.- but honestly I would rather Jason not be Jakes father at all and lucky actually be jakes father I would love to have lily come back and be with Liz and a father to her kids and what I would really love is for these writers to #FREEJASON and separate Liz and JaSam story lines and give them both good but seperate story lines 🙂

          3. Kevin Pham says

            well that’s you’re desire??☕️? and honestly i could never approve of people wanting to remove the history between the existence of jake for jasam only fantasy for the jasam fanbase it pratically dictates what is already ONLY ALLOWED on this show… ??☕️? So i will respect you’re desire and let it go! ??☕️? And hope these writers can just deliver a story line without having to destroy history and the personification of all GH fans to finally be at peace to enjoy what’s left of OUR general hospital show.
            bon voyage??☕️?

          4. Alexia Cole says

            I can agree to that Kevin 🙂 hopefully the writers will stop changing the story lines to suite their needs and make our GH great again !

  5. Kari Fondren says

    I for one love the show grown up with it and will continue to watch it <3

  6. Denise Smith Venable says

    They should have never brought that kid back. Even field for what?Liason had already failed 2 times even when Sam had no kid. Ever since Frank got his ass on Gh he has pimped Liz and know his ass kissing boy from OLTL he is trying to clean him up, the moron should never have done Franco, he sucked at it anyway!FIRE FRANK AND HIS TWO MINONS!

    1. Kevin Pham says

      let the biological father raise his son.. we know how much fans must have their almighty jASAM scenes… but this show is called general hospital just let the writers do their job to faciliate to the end of this story line and then you can have your ALMIGHTY BORING JASAM scenes again??☕️?

  7. Alexia Cole says

    I hate this whole story line and this just topped the cake with my hate. Jelly crossed the line with this I can’t wait till this whole dumb ass jake story line is over and he can go back and live with gram just like the rest of lizs kids . I will be so happy when they stop using JaSam to prop rapist Franco and rapist Liz .

    1. rnbabes says

      Not a fan of this story. Yes, Jelly went to far. What are they doing with Jason and Jake? This is a man that love his first born and would never hurt him or dream of choking his son. I know this is all behind trying to make Franco look good I am so sorry that that’s character is still on GH. I have nothing against Roger I think he’s a wonderful actor and I would have loved him to be a Quartermaine which that’s what he should have been when they brought him on. This is a shity story jelly has no idea what’s going on with the story they’re trying to make it up as they go along that’s why it’s terrible.

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