General Hospital Recap July 21: Jason And Laura Take Law Into Their Own Hands, Attack Valentin – Kidnapper Contacts Sonny – Ava And Sam Bond

General Hospital Recap July 21: Jason And Laura Take Law Into Their Own Hands, Attack Valentin - Kidnapper Contacts Sonny - Ava And Sam BondFriday’s July 21 episode of General Hospital begins with Ava (Maura West) throwing all of her makeup away. The delivery man is at her door with the case of vodka she ordered. Ava tells him to leave it by the door so he won’t see her face. He insists he needs a signature. Ava finally opens the door and says “boo” to him.

Laura (Genie Francis) thanks Sonny (Maurice Benard) for doing all he can to find Spencer (Nicholas Bechtel). Laura concerned about Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) making bail. Sonny reassures Laura he’ll get Valentin.

Sam (Kelly Monaco) has a vision of Sonny talking to her. Jason (Billy Miller) walks in and asks who is she’s talking to. Sam lies and says it was an app on her phone. Jason mentions escorting her to her doctor’s appointment. Sonny arrives. Sam picks up Scout’s blanket and says she needs to take it to Molly right away. Sam snubs Sonny and leaves. Sonny asks if Sam is doing okay. Jason says she’s going through medical issues and he doesn’t want to push her. Sonny informs Jason about Spencer and how Valentin needs to be stopped. Jason volunteers to help. Sam is listening through the door.

Sam arrives to Ava’s and wakes her up off the couch. Ava spills alcohol as she gets up. Ava says Julian is probably at his office. Sam feels he can’t take care of Ava so he won’t be able to help her. Ava admits she didn’t want Julian there. Avery sees her as a monster and Sonny is going to raise her. Sam shouts no and says Sonny isn’t her buddy. Sam feels Ava paid the price for her actions but Sonny hasn’t. Sam hands Ava her mask and encourages her to reclaim her life. Later Sam arrives home and has another vision of Sonny. She gets a gun out of the closet, inserts the clip and leaves.

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Carly (Laura Wright) tells Bobbie (Jacklyn Zeman) that Sonny is doing all he can to find Spencer (Nicolas Bechtel). Carly mentions Oscar working as a lifeguard at Lila’s Camp. Bobbie calls it a summer romance and encourages Carly to be a safe place for Joss (Eden McCoy) to confide. Joss walks in and Bobbie leaves. Carly mentions Oscar and Joss insist he’s not her boyfriend. Carly wants to meet Oscar but Joss fears she’ll embarrass her.

Valentin insists to Nathan (Ryan Paevey) he had nothing to do with Spencer’s disappearance. Nina (Michelle Stafford) arrives saying she posted bail for Valentin. Nina tells Valentin they’ve both made mistakes but this doesn’t mean she’s coming home with him. Valentin signs the paper and starts to leave as Laura walks in. Laura upset her grandson has been missing for 24 hrs and doesn’t know if he’s dead or alive. Nina says Valentin isn’t responsible. Laura continues and tells Nina to shut up. Valentin leaves. Laura yells at Nathan for allowing Valentin to leave and runs out the door.

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Nina starts to cry telling Nathan she feels badly for Laura but knows Valentin is innocent. Nathan says Valentin can’t give Nina the kind of love she wants. If Nina goes back to Valentin and he breaks her heart again, Nathan won’t be there to pick up the pieces.

Laura follows Valentin to the pier. She’ll make Spencer drop the lawsuit just give him back. Valentin can’t give her what she wants. Laura grabs his jacket and says Spencer isn’t a threat to you. Valentin turns to leave. Laura calls him a bastard and says don’t walk away from me. Laura hits him on back of the head and he stumbles away from her. Jason arrives and puts Valentin in a choke hold. Valentin is unconscious on the pier and Jason tells Laura to leave.

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Carly calls Sonny for any updates on Spencer. Says he has someone working on it right now and should be getting information any minute. Sonny finishes the call and gets a text. It’s a picture of Spencer sitting on the floor in a basement.

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