General Hospital Recap Friday May 26: Helena Taunts Jake – Amy Confesses To Nathan – Jason’s Shocking Realization – Ava And Carly Battle

General Hospital Spoilers: Friday May 26 GH Recap

General Hospital Friday May 26 episode begins with Amy (Risa Dorken) and Nathan Ryan Paevey) at Kelly’s. Amy thanks Nathan for saving her on the red carpet at the Nurses Ball. She asks about Maxie (Kristen Storms). Nathan tried to talk to Maxie but she had to end the call due to work.

Nathan’s concerned about Maxie being in Portland with Spinelli (Bradford Anderson). Amy suggests he fight for Maxie. They discuss Amy’s high school reunion coming up soon. She had a crush on a good looking guy in high school. Amy walks to bathroom. A male stranger thanks Nathan for his dating advice. A lady stops and thanks him for his great advice and Man Landers to the rescue. Amy returns to the table. Nathan asks her about “Man Landers”. Amy admits it’s her advice column and she took the photo of him from the he card he made Maxie.

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Nina teases Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez) and Valentin which act she preferred the best tonight. Charlotte is disappointed there was no magic show. Emma (Brooklyn Rae Silzer) grabs Charlotte to show her something. Nina tells Valentin tonight started out rocky but it has a nice finish. They see Anna and Nina quickly says she’s going home. Charlotte returns saying it’s time for the magic show.

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Andre (Anthony Montgomery) asks Anna (Finola Hughes) why she always gives Valentin benefit of the doubt. Anna explains WSB created the toxin and Valentin shouldn’t have sold it.

Valentin needed the money for his surgeries. It appears Helena (Constance Towers) didn’t use the toxin before she died. Andre mentions Chimera is strange name for a biotoxin. Anna says its hybrid, extremely contagious and spreads like wild fire. Andre gets a phone call and leaves to take care of a patient.

Jake (Hudson West) begs Liz (Rebecca Herbst) to do his magic show. She suggests they go home and do it tomorrow night. Lucy walks over and says Jake can use the stage to do the magic. Jason (Billy Millet) walks in and asks what’s the hold up is. Liz explains Jake wants to do his magic show now. Jason, Liz and Franco (Roger Howarth) all agree Jake can do his magic show. Franco mentions the magic has nothing to do with the Chimera.

General Hospital Spoilers: Friday May 26 GH Recap

Lulu (Emme Ryan) isn’t happy to see Nina (Michelle Stafford) and Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) are back together. Laura (Genie Francis) suggests they thank Lucy (Lynn Herring) for all her hard work. Lucy does a fist bump with Laura. Lulu tells Laura about Spencer (Nicholas Bechtel) mailing the magic kit to Jake. Laura says Spencer didn’t mail anything to Jake. He wants to deliver the birthday gift in person. Laura tells Jason that Spencer did not send this magic trick. They realize no one knows who actually sent it. Jason has a vision of Helena telling him that Jake will be; but the vision stops.

Jake begins the magic show on stage with Emma and Charlotte as his assistants. He does 2 magic tricks then the grand finale. As Jake taps on the box he “sees” Helena sitting in the crowd encouraging him. Jake becomes distracted. Liz says he doesn’t have to do the magic trick. Jake continues and says none of them could ever imagine this is the greatest trick of all. Helena’s voice says “Jake will be the greatest killer of all”.

Jason jumps up and tells Jake to stop. Jake opens the Chimera and a beeping sound is heard and blue lights are all around it. Valentin jumps up when he sees the Chimera container. Jason tells Jake do not open it while Helena is telling Jake to do it.

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Carly (Laura Wright) and Sonny (Maurice Benard) confront Ava (Maura West). Ava threatens to call the cops. Ava blames Liv (Tonja Walker) for the bomb causing Morgan’s (Bryan Craig) death. Ava was protecting Kiki (Hayley Erin) from Morgan but he wasn’t supposed to die. They yell at Ava to admit it was her fault. Ava finally admits she did it. Ava takes a sigh of relief and says she’s been tortured for months over this. Carly reminds Ava she stole Morgan’s victory from winning bipolar. Ava says they can’t make her feel any worse than she does herself.

Sonny tells Ava that Avery will be devastated when she learns what Ava did to Morgan. Kiki already knows she’s a monster. Ava asks if keeping her daughters away from her is her punishment. Carly tells Ava to stop the fake guilt. Carly will never forgive Ava for ruining Morgan’s life. Morgan became someone he didn’t like because of he wasn’t getting the Lithium. Carly becomes so angry she starts to physically touch Ava. Carly is screaming “Come and get me bitch”! Sonny pulls Carly away from Ava. Ava picks up the lantern and screams “No More’ as she throws the lantern. Carly is unconscious on the floor.

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