‘General Hospital’ News: Ryan Paevey Starring In New Movie – Nathan West Off GH Canvas

'General Hospital' News: Ryan Paevey Starring In New Movie - Nathan West Off GH Canvas “General Hospital,” fans finally got to see Nathan (Ryan Paevey) and Maxie (Kirsten Storms) tie the knot this week, but it was a crazy ride to the alter. Hopefully Paevey’s upcoming movie project will be smooth sailing compared to Naxie’s roller-coaster journey!

Paevey retweeted some good news from his managers this week about an exciting new project he has in the works: “GOOD NEWS! @RyanPaevey your deal is closed and you’re off to Kentucky to film a lead in a movie for the next three weeks. Enjoy the cold!”

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It sounds like Nathan West will be off the Port Charles canvas for a few weeks, perhaps he and Maxie will take an extended honeymoon?

Details about the movie are scarce, although Paevey has revealed that he will be playing the bad guy, a 180 degree turn from his loveable GH alter ego Detective West!

It will be fun to see Paevey stretch his acting muscles and be the villain for a change. Can you imagine sweet, accommodating Nathan giving someone the strong arm? The movie is scheduled to shoot for a month in Kentucky.

Paevey fans can also check out his latest interview on his Twitter account. In it he talks about being a motorcycle enthusiast and nature photographer. According to Paevey all of his free time is spent outside, preferably on a bike, and he’s accumulated thousands of photographs over time.

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He also gives a shootout for his website, fortunatewanderer.com where fans can purchase Paevey’s images, as well as his handcrafted jewelry.

So GH fans, was Naxie’s wedding everything you hoped for? The bride looked beautiful and the groom left his gun at home!

It was a nice touch to have Nathan and Maxie share memories of how they met, and having her ex, Damien Spinelli (Blake Berris) conduct the ceremony was actually sweet not awkward. Who knew?

GH viewers, let us know how you’re enjoying Berris’ twist on Spin! Do you think that he will eventually take over the role from Bradford Anderson? Anderson was temporarily replaced by Berris because he was filming an episode of Homeland when the wedding scenes were being taped.

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  1. Marty McFly says

    Psst, check your spelling here: “a crazy ride to the alter”. (Should be “altar”)
    I didn’t love the wedding, for some reason Maxie seemed like she was tired or sad, just not at all excited. I don’t know if that was intended or not but it was disappointing.
    If Valentin is meant to be Anna’s son… they seem awfully close in age. His stuttering was so silly, it was a wee bit absurd and made me giggle, which is not something I do when a person has a challenge like that in real life.

    1. Stephanie Wade says

      I agree with you. I am pretty sure they were involved with each other, he did try to kiss her (we know that much this far). I didn’t find the stuttering funny, nor did she, I think it was there as a childhood thing and it seemed to jog something in Anna’s memory. Jmo. Lol

      1. Cynthia Alford says

        It’s possible they can be related and not know, had a one time fling and Robin is their Daughter. ……IJS

      2. Linda Brooks Marrie says

        Ryan Paevey (Nathan) was making a movie. Now this is one GORGEOUS GUY! I’ve seen him in another movie, on the Hallmark channel.

        1. Carol Ann Bertucci says

          I saw him too, in the dog movie, quite boring! They ,Hallmark, should give Nathan, a mini series, ex. ,like Chesapeake shores, or something for six, to eight weeks, like they have them!

    2. Shirley Childress Brown says

      How can he be her son when it’s be established he tried to kiss her

      1. Cynthia Alford says

        Maybe her lover and they had Robin?

        1. Patricia AToussaint says

          Robin is Robert Scorpios daughter duh!

  2. Kevin Pham says

    so this is why he went on break he was auditioning i guess he got the part thanks for your services take care man.

    1. Stephanie Wade says

      I think u just answered a question from my previous post, lol. Thank you. 😊

  3. Starlina616 says

    Please bring back Bradford. He’s been Spinelli forever.Keep it that way PLEASE! 🙂

    1. Mama Connie says

      I agree. NOBODY can be Spinelli but BRADFORD. His temperament as well as the way he speaks. A very loveable character!

    2. Roberta “Bird” Rubi-Arraiga says

      Yes, yes I totally agree, new spinelli will never be the one & only Spinelli
      Im still getting use to the new Jason,
      I love love Steve Burton.

    3. Linda Brooks Marrie says

      Yes, PLEASE! I love Spinelli. The show’s not the same without his witty humor!

  4. Sunshine_Stater says

    Lit of misspelled words. Guess anyone can be a writer today..spell check.

  5. Alice Alice says

    please comb Hayden and Maxie’s hair.

  6. Tami says

    Nobody can play Spinelli like Bradford. Bring him back , please.

    1. Stephanie Wade says

      Agreed! I didn’t like that other guy at all!

      1. Linda Brooks Marrie says

        The other guy was from Days of our Lives. Great Actor, but he’s not Spinelli!

    2. Cynthia Alford says

      The one and only Spinelli…PLEASE BRING him back. .

  7. Patricia Healy DiLieto says

    Take Lulu and Maxi with you you when you go.

    1. Stephanie Wade says

      Ikr! Anyone else think Lulu is going over the top over Charlotte? I understand wanting ur kid but she’s making everything worse and being a bitch in the process.

      1. Robin R Russell-Hutchins says

        yea u think of ur kid first but Nina did kidnap AvaS baby so I would worry plus Lulu was wanting to have that baby herself let Kimi be Ninas let ava kidnapped her back when Nina was in the coma

      2. Cheryl Lynn Gray- McCann says

        agreed ! she has made Charlotte hate her, and still wants to rip her out of her home away from her adoring father, whom she loves. Charlotte would hate her forever if she did that. and why would a mother want to traumatize her child that way? whatever he is, he’s obviously never going to harm his daughter, he adores her !

      3. Cynthia Alford says

        She looks pregnant they trying hard to hide with big pocketbooks and sweaters like Robin. .Congrats to them both. .

    2. Stephanie Wade says

      I’d love nothing more than to see Elizabeth have a bad accident, lmao! 😆

  8. Tama Andrews says

    Bradford Anderson. A MUST!!!

  9. Wilma Flintstone says

    I can’t wait until Anna find out that her love child is alive, well and he’s a Doctor/ Priest and he’s been right under her nose for months.

    1. Linda Brooks Marrie says

      I hope so too! Remember, Ana and Duke did lose a child. We know he’s Duke’s son. For whatever reason, could the Doctor/Priest actually be Ana’s son too? That would be cool. I’ve thought he might be for a longtime now.

  10. Julie Tompkins Potter says

    I agree Bring back Bradford He is truly the one and only Spinelli

  11. Starlina616 says

    Yay! I loved seeing Spinelli back on. 🙂

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