‘General Hospital’ News: Billy Miller Joins Primetime’s Ray Donovan Cast – Leaving GH?

'General Hospital' News: Billy Miller Joins Primetime's Ray Donovan Cast - Leaving GH?General Hospital fan favorite Billy Miller is headed to primetime.  The Jason Morgan portrayer has booked on a new role on the Showtime drama Ray Donovan, which stars some big names like Liev Schreiber.

According to a report from TV Line, Billy Miller’s role on Ray Donovan Season 5 this summer will be a major one, and the soap star will be appearing in minimum four episodes.  Miller has been tapped to play the part of Todd Doherty, and he’s not too thrilled about his sister Maureen’s budding romance with Eddie.

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So far Billy Miller hasn’t made any comments about his new gig, or how it will affect his current job on General Hospital.  Although, it’s no secret that Miller has wanted to venture in to the primetime world.  When Billy Left Y&R it was to pursue primetime until ABC offered him a role he couldn’t turn down.

Soap Opera Spy will keep you updated as more details are available regarding Billy Miller’s new role on Ray Donovan.

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  1. Jolene234 says

    God, I love Billy Miller so much as Jason I hope he’s able to do both and not leave GH.

    1. Kara Gossert says

      Yes the good ones always leave and yet they keep the actors Ya don’t like SMH

  2. Nancy Castellow says

    This just makes me so mad. Seems like when I like someone they leave. He might not but yet he might. Why do they have to leave all the time. Just be satisified they have a great job.

  3. Renee says

    this could leave the door open for Steve Burton to return

    1. Brenda Medeiros says

      I agree this is very sad news he must stay .. Don’t leave GH Billy ….😩😩

    2. Brenda Medeiros says

      I’m sorry but I got very use to Billy as Jason more emotional then Steve .. I like Steve too but I’m to use to billy with Sam now..😱😱

  4. Glenda Thompson says

    Well I love Billy Miller as Jake Doe , I just can’t stand him with Sam !!!!! I really don’t think he mumbled so much as Jake but him and Sam together she whispers a d he mumbled and clears his throat too much !!!!! Kinda tired of them together !!!!

  5. Brenda Medeiros says

    Oh no wtf now., he has to stay with GH can’t he do both gigs ,, this is horrible news very upset.. 😩😱

  6. Kathy Johnson says

    If he leaves gh then they should bring back Steve Burton as jason to me he will always be the right jason and plus he’s much hotter omg…..

  7. Patti Di Meglio Lauro says

    i loved him as jake! hate him with sam! if he stays i hope he goes back to being jake doe!

  8. Kayla Yvette Council says

    I wish Billy would come back to the young and restless.

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