EastEnders Spoilers: Shirley Resorts To Blackmail to Save Tina, Will Justice Be Served For Janet?

EastEnders Spoilers: Shirley Resorts To Blackmail to Save Tina, Will Justice Be Served For Janet?On EastEnders’ Halloween we saw Tina (Luisa Bradshaw White) run something over, at first, we had no idea what it was. Due to Tina’s nonchalant behaviour we assumed it could be a small animal. She even got out of her car to check, but saw nothing.

At the end of the episode we saw a shot of a small child on the ground, in a Halloween costume. A cat next ominously next to the body. But now it has been confirmed that the child was Janet Mitchell (Grace) the child of Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick).

Janet is now in hospital with her parents by her side at all times. But Tina is now also in danger. Even though she didn’t know that she hit the child, she could still be charged and sent to prison. Especially if the child does not live. Shirley (Linda Henry), a hardened criminal, has realised what a dangerous situation Tina is in. And she wants to help her, by any means necessary.

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EastEnders spoilers tease that Shirley may have a hard time saving Tina, who shockingly slept with Billy after the incident. Neither one of them was happy about the one-night stand. But Tina was overrun with guilt and confessed her crime to Billy. Just as she is about to go to the police and hand herself in, Shirley will stop her. She will threaten Billy in order to keep Tina safe. But what will the threat be, perhaps about their unplanned night together? As Billy certainly will not want his wife to find out about that.

Will Shirley be able to keep Tina out of prison. Shirley has done time herself, and had a terrible experience. She doesn’t want Tina’s life to be derailed in the same way. But will her threat be successful? Or will Tina go to prison for her driving mistake?

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