EastEnders Spoilers: War Brewing In Walford – Shirley Carter Discovers The Truth About Max Branning’s Revenge Plan?

EastEnders Spoilers: Shirley Carter Discovers The Truth About Max Branning's Revenge Plan?Could Max’s life be in danger on, “EastEnders?” He’s been playing with fire (literally!) and explosive EastEnders spoilers reveal that he may have pushed one steely Walford resident too far. Has the conman finally met his match, someone who will soon make him long for the safety and comfort of his old prison cell?

Mad Max hit town with a vengeance and an agenda: make the people who falsely imprisoned him pay!

Fans of the hit BBC One show have seen the snake oil salesman methodically put his plan in motion, starting with the takeover of the town’s beloved pub, the Queen Vic.

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The Carter family is financially in ruins, one step away from bankruptcy. One family member even poured his student loan money into the crumbling building. So, when matriarch Shirley must choose between a lifesaving operation for the family dog or sacrificing the pub, she made a deal with the devil.

She signed over the pub’s freehold to Max, with the assurance that he would stay out of the family’s way, and not try to control or interfere in the business. Lady Di was saved, but can the same be said for the pub?

Max promptly informed Shirley that he would see about increasing profits, sending her radar into overdrive. Did she just make the biggest mistake of her life by trusting chrome-dome Max? What happens next could be catastrophic for Shirley, but also for Max. What will she do if he reneges on his word and double-crosses the Carter family?

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Shirley could have the last laugh since she fraudulently signed Mick’s name on the paperwork, rendering the deal invalid. But would her admission send her back to jail? Both Max and Shirley have ice water running through their veins, and each has something worth fighting for. Max is motivated by hate, Shirley is motivated by love. Who will win the battle of wills when these two forces of nature collide?

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