EastEnders Spoilers: Shock Return Lined Up For Killer Bobby Beale?

EastEnders Spoilers: Shock Return Lined Up For Killer Bobby Beale?On EastEnders the Beale family is about to be put on blast: is killer boy Bobby (Eliot Carrington) about to re-enter their lives? Steven (Aaron Sidwell) currently is spinning a web of lies about his impending “death,” and now imprisoned Bobby wants to re-enter the domestic picture. How much can this family take before exploding out of orbit?

After killing Lucy, Bobby was sent to prison and cut off ties to his family. All of a sudden, Bobby has changed his mind, and he reaches out to his shocked parents, Ian (Adam Woodyatt) and Jane (Laurie Brett). Can they handle the truth? And does this mean that the venerable BBC One show is set to bring back one of the darkest characters to ever inhabit Walford?

At first Max Branning (Jake Wood) was set up to take the fall for Lucy’s murder, but when the truth eventually came out, fresh-faced Bobby was made to do the time for his crime. Does Bobby’s sudden impulse to put his parents back on his call list indicate that the lad has successfully rehabilitated during his incarceration? Given the Beale family history of misdeeds, I’d vote a negatory on that one. But you never know, and his parents can’t just pretend that he’s another inconvenient family truth, right?

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What could Bobby possibly have to say to them after all this time? Is he about to get sprung from prison? Does he ask to have his old room ready? For his favorite meal to be cooked and on the table ready for his return?

Anything is possible and it’s curious to think that the show would tease his appearance now, without a bigger payoff. But whatever becomes of Bobby, his parents will no doubt have a few ghosts of their own to confront after communicating with him again. On top of that family drama, they will have to face Steven’s reality: could Jane be back in danger again?

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