EastEnders Spoilers: Redwater Shocks Viewers – What Do You Think Of Kat And Alfie’s Spin-Off?

EastEnders Spoilers: Redwater Shocks Viewers - What Do You Think Of Kat And Alfie's Spin-Off?With a shockingly forbidden bathroom kiss, the “EastEnders,” spinoff, “Kat and Alfie: Redwater,” proved once again why it’s one of the most sensational new shows of the season. What are Andrew and Kiernan thinking?

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The heat and chemistry between the two cousins had been apparent to others from the beginning. Adeen, Andrew’s daughter, didn’t want to believe her eyes, but couldn’t shake her suspicions that her father was being unfaithful. Were he and Kiernan really flirting in public?

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But nothing could prepare viewers for the jaw-dropping scene in which Andrew and Kiernan are seen covertly kissing in the pub’s bathroom. How long has this been going on? Seemingly, the two cousins are more than a little acquainted with each other! Just how long has their mutual attraction been brewing, and apparently percolating?

Immediately after the steamy and licentious scene, disbelieving fans flocked online and expressed their full range of emotions. “Hang on….aren’t they cousins!!! #Redwater,” was a typical response, with another fan posting, “I swear last week I was like “Does the American have a thing for Andrew!?” Still others expressed their disbelief: “#redwater well I wasn’t expecting that” and “Oooo now I didn’t see that coming #TheKiss.”

Still others noted how “Redwater,” is very much like it’s parent soap, “EastEnders,” with the recurring theme of relatives who get involved with each other: “Kissing cousins, eh. How very soap! #Redwater.”

“Kat and Alfie: Redwater,” is a limited series that follows Kat and Alfie, characters from the fictional town of Walford in “EastEnders,” as they search for her long-lost son. They discover that her son is alive and well and living life as a priest in a charming seaside Irish village.

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The show is at its halfway point, and along the way Kat and Alfie have had their share of drama as they’ve discovered buried secrets and dangerous characters in their midst. Tune in to find out what other scandalous secrets Andrew and Kiernan are keeping!

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