EastEnders Spoilers: Max Branning’s Revenge Plot Will Run For Years!?

EastEnders Spoilers: Max Branning's Revenge Plot Will Run For Years!?On “EastEnders,” could Max Branning’s revenge plot really take three years to come to fruition? The answer’s yes, according to the man who portrays the evil genius!

“EastEnders,” actor Jake Wood teased in a recent interview that all of the chrome dome’s greatest plots have occurred over the long haul. Talking to the Radio Times, Wood reached back in time to explain the character’s current trajectory.

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Remember Max and Stacey Fowler’s epic affair? That fling stretched on for years and traveled plenty of winding roads. “With Max and Stacey – that was always a three-year storyline and Max’s revenge is going to play out for at least that long, hopefully,” divulged Wood. Wow!

Actress Lorna Fitzgerald gives further credence to Wood’s theory. The lady who plays Max’s onscreen daughter Abi recently spilled some plotline deets on, This Morning, revealing that the revenge plot will grow ginormously over time. These theories certainly seem on target; no one is yet on to Max, and he’s been excruciating methodical in his execution.

The bitter man returned home to Walford after being sent up the river on a bogus murder charge. Unfortunately, it was his “loved” ones who set him up for Lucy Beale’s murder. Now that he’s free, Max has plenty of time and motive to wreck vengeance on his turncoat friends and family.

When Max set foot in Albert Square around Christmas time, he forged a connection with Weyland and Co., a firm with suspicious plans for the town and its residents.

Max has also gotten his hands dirty manipulating Shirley Carter and his brother Jack. First, the uncompassionate man persuaded Shirley to turn over the pub’s freehold to him; it remains to be seen how far he’ll go in destroying the beloved landmark. Next, he insinuated himself into his brother’s custody battle, succeeding in making him look like an unfit parent.

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What else does Max have planned for the unsuspecting residents of Walford? Only time will tell!

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