EastEnders Spoilers: Jane Beale Set To Leave Walford For Good?

EastEnders Spoilers: Jane Beale Set To Leave Walford For Good?On EastEnders, poor Jane Beale (Laurie Brett) is still unconscious in hospital, she has not yet recovered from the tragic events of the explosion that was caused by Max Branning (Jake Wood).

We saw Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) fearing the worst for his wife, he is starting to believe that she has brain damage. But Sharon (Letitia Dean) put his mind to rest, and she’s right. Jane will wake up, and soon. But, EastEnders spoilers tease that this will not be a happy return to the world.

After she rises from the coma, the evil Max will immediately threaten her. Jane of course, knows the truth about Max and wants to tell the police about his crimes. He will stop at nothing to keep her quiet. And it looks like he may succeed. He will sit himself on the end of her hospital bed and threaten her and her family if she does not do what he wants.  Sadly, this will work and Jane will lie to the police officers when they come to visit her.

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What’s worse is that Jane plans to leave Walford altogether to get away from Max. In a shock twist she will tell Ian that their marriage is over and that she is leaving. After all that Ian has been through he is devastated. It is obvious that she is conflicted about this decision, but will she really leave?

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Jane will also attempt to stand up to the bully Max, even though she knows how dangerous this is. Show bosses have not denied or confirmed if this will affect her decision to leave. Max is not likely to listen to reason, but perhaps even he has a conscious for a woman who has been through hell.

Do you think Jane should leave the square or stay and fight Max?

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