EastEnders Spoilers: Hollywood Star Patrick Bergin Joins Cast As New Villain Aidan

EastEnders Spoilers: Hollywood Star Patrick Bergin Joins Cast As New Villain Aidan High profile Hollywood star Patrick Bergin has joined the cast of EastEnders in the villainous role of Aidan Maguire. He’s tipped to start filming this month and his dark character will play a big part in a bombshell storyline planned for the holidays.

Aidan is one of Phil Mitchell’s (Steve McFadden) old prison buddies, so fans can expect him to bring a fair share of trouble with him when he pops up in Walford. According to Digital Spy, Aidan is described as quite the charmer, with a bit of mystery swirling about him. Sounds like the handsome and charismatic Bergin has been cast in a role that’s a perfect vehicle to showcase his captivating talent and allure!

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Aidan and Phil apparently struck up a friendship when both cons were in jail together more than a decade ago. Why does Aidan suddenly ring Phil’s doorbell all these years later? No clue yet, but it seems that both men will pick up their connection straight away; this doesn’t sound good for Albert Square!

Given Phil’s predilection for the shady side of things, Aidan will no doubt throw a mighty temptation Phil’s way. We’ll have to wait and see if the old codger takes a bite of whatever it is that Aiden’s selling! Soap exec’s have made no secret of the fact that a huge holiday storyline is in the works, teasing that Phil and Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) are in the middle of the epic drama.

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EastEnders’ Creative Director John Yorke said of Bergin, “he’ll be working hand in hand with Phil Mitchell and Mick Carter to carry a truly explosive storyline for Christmas and New Year. We can’t wait to get started.” Bergin’s many film and televisions credits include Sleeping with the Enemy, Dracula, Robin Hood, Mountains of the Moon, and Red Rock. “I am delighted to be joining EastEnders, Bergin said, “as I have watched and admired it since the days of Dirty Den.”

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