EastEnders Spoilers: Halloween Horror – Killer Clowns Attack Tina

EastEnders Spoilers: Halloween Horror - Killer Clowns Attack TinaEastEnders spoilers tease that with Halloween about to hit soap world, things are about to get spooky. And, well quite frankly a bit silly. This year EastEnders are planning a scary clown theme to their episodes all week, all four episodes will focus on this story line. This holiday tends to bring a sense of humour to the show, but this year there may be serious consequences for Tina (Luisa Bradshaw White).

The Halloween night will start of full of fun, the Carters will be hosting a party in the Vic. Complete with ridiculous costumes. Mick Carter (Dany Dyer) makes a rather funny Frankenstein. But things don’t stay jolly for long. Tina is sent out to get more booze for the biggest party of the year but when she is out in the street, she is surrounded by clowns!

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EastEnders spoilers indicate that the clowns are in fact thugs who have dressed up as a disguise. They demand that Tina hand over the money she is carrying. The scary clowns will be waving knives and being over all very menacing. No doubt that clown attire will be this year’s most popular costume, thanks to Stephen King’s IT, Pennywise will be out in full force this evening. But don’t let the costumes fool you, the men inside are dangerous and will try to attack vulnerable Tina. But will she manage to fight back?

But this won’t be the only Halloween trick pulled on Tina. After the clowns she will make a devastating mistake. She will knock over Janet Mitchell (Grace) , a small child with down syndrome. It is not yet known what will happen to the little girl or Tina after this accident.

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There is bound to be some spooky drama on the square this week. Will any old ghosts return? Perhaps a few living characters will be sent to their graves.

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