EastEnders Spoilers: Fans Outraged Over Keegan Rape Storyline – Louise Mitchell’s Misery Continues

In the morning after the night before, “EastEnders,” fans are seething at the possibility that Keegan (Zack Morris) raped Louise Tilly (Keeper). When the schoolgirl found it difficult to remember the events of the previous 24 hours, online speculation went into overdrive about her situation. Although it’s as yet unclear what transpired between Louise and Keegan, audience reaction has been swift and dramatic.

Fans of the BBC One sudser were outraged at the appearance of Keegan taking advantage of young Louise, who subsequently feared she may be pregnant. Louise’s memory was understandably fuzzy given the situation, but she was able to remember the moment that Keegan followed her as she entered her room. At the time poor Louise was too drunk to act rationally.

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Bex was able to help the girl try and sort through her thoughts, and eventually they decided to buy a pregnancy test in order to confirm or deny her suspicions. Luckily for the distraught schoolgirl, the pregnancy test was negative. But was Keegan telling the truth when he later boasted about what happened between the two, or was he spreading rumors and lies?

Whatever fans eventually discover to be true about that night, they are up in arms over Keegan’s actions. “Is anybody going to mention the fact that if Keegan was telling the truth about Louise… that’s rape ?!?!?! #EastEnders,” tweeted one viewer. Another fan concurred, writing, “Hang on a minute! If Keegan did have sex but Louise was too drunk to give permission isn’t that rape? #eastenders.”

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Will Louise take action against Keegan? At least one fan has a strong opinion about the possibility: “#eastenders louise could have keegan charged with rape that would shut him up.” No matter how this drama plays out, it will no doubt have reverberating consequences for traumatized Louise and possibly for Keegan. It will be interesting to see which direction showrunners go with this controversial but very contemporary storyline.

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