EastEnders Spoilers: Did You Notice The Big Mistake With Karen Taylor?

EastEnders Spoilers: Did You Notice The Big Mistake With Karen Taylor?The Taylors have made an impact on the square, the rowdy bunch have moved in and brought a whole heap of drama with them. The down to earth clan have been causing fights and disturbances from day one. Most notably Karen and Sharon got into a huge fight over her son Keegan as rape accusations were made.

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But this is not the actress’ first time on the soap! The character was called Thelma but it seems that she is to be forgotten to have existed.

Lorraine Stanley appeared on the soap just last year as the mother of Linzi Bragg. This was during Jay’s sex offender scandal, Lorraine played the angry mother of the girl who was said to be abused.

Jay was not aware of the girls age and was lied to but was still convicted as a predator. It was Thelma who got Jay arrested and stormed into the Vic to make a huge statement about his wrong doings.

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Even though Thelma was a small role she was still essential in a large story line and only in the last year did she appear on our screens. So why has she been re-cast as a completely new character? This brings up continuity questions with Karen as what will happen if she meets characters such as Ben and Jay or perhaps even her own daughter Linzi! How will the show handle this blunder? Will it be swept under the rug for the sake of Karen?

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Funnily enough both Thelma and Karen share similar traits they are both from working class backgrounds, have a temper and are fierce about their children. Is this lazy casting or did the show’s bosses see something in Lorraine that they wanted to keep in the show? Do you think her character is good enough to forgive this mistake?

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