‘EastEnders’ Spoilers: Danny Dyer OUT – Actor Reportedly Forced To Take Time Off And Clean Himself Up


'EastEnders' Spoilers: Danny Dyer OUT - Actor Reportedly Forced To Take Time Off And Clean Himself Up   EastEnders,” is experiencing real-life chaos as troubled Danny Dyer is reportedly being forced off the show! Executives with the hit soap have given their biggest star an ultimatum: don’t come back until you clean up your act! Dyer, who plays pub landlord Mick Carter, has admitted in the past to drinking while on set.

The 39-year old actor had been trying to get a handle on an out of control drinking problem, according to the Sun, but last month fell off the wagon.

The “exhausted” star is now said to be on an “enforced break,” presumably until such time that he is capable of returning.

The east London born Dyer reportedly fell off the wagon hard last month during the National Television Awards show. Reports indicated that Dyer was drinking publically, and not in an appropriate space.

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Concerned, “EastEnders,” brass moved quickly to help the star get his life back on track.

It’s rumored that the break will last at least several weeks, and insiders see the move as dire but unavoidable given the magnitude of the situation. The show tapes months in advance, and no doubt show runners are scrambling to pick up the pieces.

Unfortunately, Dyer has been down this road before. In 2014, at the TV Choice Awards, he was left red-faced when revered British baker Mary Berry labeled him a, “drunk chap,” following an outrageous encounter.

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At the time it was reported that Dyer had actually tried to lick the 81-year old Great British Bake Off celebrity onstage!

Dyer later apologized, alluding to having been drinking at the time.

In his book, “The World According to Danny Dyer,” the actor admitted to drinking while playing the popular Queen Vic barkeep.

Brutally honest Dyer has also acknowledged using, “drugs and probably always will.”

Dyer began on the long-running popular British soap in 2013 and quickly became a fan favorite. His status on the hit show remains up in the air, and TPTB have yet to comment publically on the situation.

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