EastEnders Spoilers: Are Kush Kazemi’s Days Numbered On BBC Soap?

EastEnders Spoilers: Are Kush Kazemi's Days Numbered On BBC Soap?EastEnders spoilers reveal Kush Kazemi (Davood Ghadami) and Denise Fox (Diana Parish) have been romantically involved for some time now. At first fans struggled with their age difference, as Denise is significantly older. But they are now accepted as a couple. But they may not be together for much longer, as it seems that Kush’s health may lead him to an early grave.

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We saw a nervous Kush about to head into surgery last week, but before he went in Denise popped the big question. Denise asked him to marry her if he made it out alive. Of course, he said yes as he was wheeled down the corridor towards the operating room.

Kush has a condition called Brugada Syndrome, which means that his heart has a serious irregularity. It beats too fast and this can cause heart attacks, which can kill the victim at any time. Kush has been told by doctors that this is not treatable and he will have to go through operations just to stay alive. He is having a defibrillator fitted, which could save his life in the future. But it is not yet known if the surgery will be successful. If not, then Kush will have very little time left, meaning a wedding seems unlikely.

His heart irregularity means his life span has been reduced drastically and his quality of life will be forever changed. He will be on serious medication and will not be able to keep up the athletic life style he has lived previously. But will a quiet life with Denise be enough to satisfy the young man? That is if his heart doesn’t give up on him all together.

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