Coronation Street Spoilers: New Details On Rob Donovan’s Explosive Return To Corrie!

Coronation Street Spoilers: New Details On Rob Donovan's Explosive Return To Corrie!Explosive, “Coronation Street,” spoilers reveal what everyone suspected: killer Rob Donovan is back! Rumors of his return are confirmed with footage of Rob, and his moll, seen battling it out with police.

Days ago Marc Baylis was photographed leaving the Corrie set, sparking rumors that his onscreen alter ego had escaped prison and would now terrorize Weatherfield and its residents. That much has now been established, but does he have a partner in crime as well?

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It appears that Tracy Barlow has decided to help Rob in his breakout, but her actions are sure to come back to haunt her. What was she thinking?

Corrie spoilers reveal that Rob and Tracy are together as police close in on them at an undisclosed location. But did she help him to escape, or is she his hostage? Rob is a cold-blooded killer who definitely wouldn’t think twice about putting another human life in danger.

Thankfully, the good guys win and viewers will see both Rob and Tracy confronted by police in an action-packed showdown before more carnage can be committed.

Loyal viewers know that Rob was incarcerated for murdering Tina McIntyre in a fit of blind rage. The monster not only heaved her from a balcony, he then proceeded to hit her in the head until she succumbed.

Rob almost got away and for a hot minute it looked like he might escape the consequences of his heinous act. Complicating matters, before he was arrested ill-advised Tracy contemplated going on the run with the mad man!

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She obviously didn’t learn her lesson about the dangers of cavorting with bad boys, as she agreed to visit Rob in prison. The cad was less interested in her though, and more focused on getting revenge on Johnny. Someone should tell Tracy that tigers don’t change their stripes!

 Is Tracy about to get some prison stripes of her own? Or is she Rob’s latest victim? Stay tuned Corrie fans, the answer may surprise you!

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