Coronation Street Spoilers: Kate Connor Getting Shocking New Love Interest

Coronation Street Spoilers: Kate Connor Getting Shocking New Love Interest

Kate Connor (Faye Brookes) has become a loveable character in Corrie but she has been single for some time now. After her manipulative ex-ruined their potential marriage the youngest Connor has been unlucky in romance.

Well no longer will this be true according the actress Faye Brooks who has revealed that her character Kate will indeed be getting a new love interest. But we may not like it!

In an interview with the Sun the actress confessed that she was thrilled about the new pairing but also said, “I don’t know whether the general public are going to take to it, I just know it’s going to shock people.”

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So who is Kate’s new lover? And why would it be shocking? Fans have speculated that the romance may be with Rana Nazir. (Bhavna Limbachia) The controversy would come from the young women being already married to a man, Zeedan. (Qasim Akhtar) Will the story line be an affair? The two women have been becoming friendly recently often sharing their problems and getting together.

It will also be a relief to many fans that Kate isn’t being shoved into a relationship with the other prominent gay women on the street, Sophie. The pair have had a turbulent friendship one that Faye has described as sisterly. Sophie is too concerned with her sister Rosie to be entering any romantic relationships at the moment.

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But they might be endgame Faye said this: “I would love them to get back together but I would like to be in Corrie for a few years so maybe that’s down the line.” Promising for fans of the relationship. But still no more clues to who the newest girlfriend will be, there are few possibilities on the street so potentially someone new may rock up? Or will it be Rana? The storyline will be airing in the next few weeks.

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