Coronation Spoilers: Danger On Corrie – Nick Tilsley Trapped In Quick Sand

Coronation Spoilers: Danger On Corrie - Nick Tilsley Trapped In Quick SandCoronation Street’s, Nick Tilsley may be leaving the cobbles sooner than expected. Brand new show spoilers appear to reveal his exit involves a totally unforeseen and extremely gruesome death!

It’s no secret that actor Ben Price will leave the show, where he’s played fan fave Nick for seven years, sometime this year. There has been no firm exit date set, so is the latest video evidence of a very early demise for beleaguered Nick? The 45-year old actor has expressed how much he misses his family and needs to be home with them while his children are growing up. In published reports, the dedicated dad has gone on record saying that the decision to leave Corrie is purely personal and made bittersweet by the reality of leaving behind a terrific cast and crew.

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Show execs have hinted at an explosive and dramatic summer exit for Price’s character, but has it come sooner rather than later? Nick has been conflicted about his romance with Leanne even since finding out that Steve is the father of her new baby. Awkward! So it’s no surprise when he sets up a meeting with Steve to resolve their differences. Peter joins Steve as the three agree to meet up at the beach. Finding himself early and all alone, Nick ventures out to sightsee when danger strikes. What looks like an innocuous patch of sand is actually deadly quicksand!

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Nick is soon sucked down into the merciless sand and it doesn’t look good when his flailing about makes him sink quicker. Is this how noble Nick leaves behind fiancé Leanne and her baby? Swallowed whole by a mucky hole in the ground? Relax Corrie fans, it appears that rumors of Nick’s demise were premature! He will not disappear down a watery sea hole after all, as none other than Steve will rush out to save him! What does the heroic rescue imply for the futures of Nick, Leanne and Steve? Is Leanne about to see Steve in an entirely different light?

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