Big Brother Spoilers: BB19 Live Feeds Recap Day 19

Big Brother Spoilers: BB19 Live Feeds Recap Day 19“Big Brother” (BB19) live feed spoilers tell us the Veto competition took place in the house on Saturday, July 8th, with Paul Abrahamian walking away winning the Veto. Paul is the current HOH, and Veto winner he holds all the power. So with what seems to be a set in stone plan to backdoor Cody Nickson, there’s still time for things to change.

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“Big Brother” (BB19) live feeds revealed that game-play for the following week is already in the works. Houseguests are playing all the different possibilities, and the what if’s.

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With the possibility of a “Battle Back’ competition, it has the houseguests planning who needs to be evicted that will have a chance to win and come back keeping Cody out of the house.

Cody’s plan is trying to get the house to evict the girls, as he sees them as no threat in his game to win the “Battle Back” if he is indeed evicted this week. Remember this is “Big Brother” and this season has been nothing but unexpected. We have seen it in the past with the intended Houseguest to be backdoored managed to stay and the pawns sent packing.

The “pawns” this week were Josh Martinez and Alex Ow, with Rames Soto as the 3rd nominee as per his curse. Alex has shown herself to be a great competitor in this game, then there’s Josh. Josh has been described as a child that acts like a victim, mainly from Cody, and he told Alex that he plans to call Cody out either after or during the Veto meeting. Which does not exactly fall in the “lay low and make it to jury” strategy he was sharing with the camera earlier that same day.

“Big Brother” (BB19) live feeds showed us that Paul’s plan had already changed from the original strategy he had laid out to the others he is allied with. The original plan was that he would take off Alex leaving Josh on the block and replacing her with Cody.

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Due to the V-Toad curse and having to spend the week in Toad costumes Cody, Jessica Graf, and Jason Dent had time to bond. Paul worried that Jason might vote to keep Cody over Josh, however, we know Jason trusts Alex more. So keeping Alex on the block will help ensure Jason vote against Cody, and Alex agreed to this plan.

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