Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Week 6 Veto Players & Who Holds The Power Of Veto Revealed

Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Week 6 Veto Players & Who Holds The Power Of Veto Revealed“Big Brother” (BB19) live feeds has been interesting over the last 24hr or so. The Temptation Competition had feeds down for almost 10 hours. Then had the Nomination Ceremony just a few hours following. It was indeed a very late night. Cody Nickson won safety for the week coming in first in the Temptation comp, while Jessica Graf became the third nominee on the block for coming in last. This was what Cody and Jessica had hoped for, it would give her a guaranteed spot to play in the veto competition. A plan that might very well come back to bite them.

Josh Martinez as HoH, had to name two people for eviction this week. Cody and Jessica made it a little harder for Josh to do so. With Cody safe from eviction and Jessica the third nominee, Josh still had to name two other for eviction. Josh was happy to nominate Elena Davies and Mark Jansen. Elena being Josh’s main target to evict, while the house wants Jessica out. Josh has just let a few in on his plan, and it sounds like not many will want the same as Josh.

Players for the Veto comp are as followed Josh, Elena, Mark, Jessica, with Alex and Cody’s names being selected by random draw. Christmas Abbott still has her temptation power, she was selected to receive the second temptation from the ‘Den of Temptation’, the Ring of Replacement. The Ring gives Christmas the power to replace any player drawn to play for the Veto with herself. You guessed it she used the temptation tonight and took Cody down placing herself in to play for the Veto. Jessica and Cody took this very personally.

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Once again, the house is all up in the HoH room while Cody and Jessica stayed off in one of the rooms by themselves. The house was up discussing how to play the veto in a way to target Jessica and keep her from winning the PoV. Jessica and Cody talk little game play, mostly sat in silence, sulking, as if they were giving up. It was not the fiery spirit we usually see when Jessica feels like her back is against the wall. Those are usually the moments she has come out on top, but can Jessica do it again?

“Big Brother” (BB19) live feeds are down during the Veto comp. Josh is hoping that he or someone on his side wins the PoV so he can keep the noms the same. When the feeds came back up, the house is broke up into groups whisper about game play. Cody has vowed to go after them all next week.

Mark won the PoV. Mark has already said he planned to use the Veto on himself. Who do you think Josh will name as a replacement nominee? Who do you think will be evicted from the house this week? Leave a comment below sharing your thoughts. Then check back with Soap Opera Spy to stay up to date on everything going on in the “Big Brother” (BB19) house.

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