Big Brother (BB19) Spoilers: Week 6 Head Of Household Winner Revealed – It’s Going To Be A Wild Week!

Big Brother (BB19) Spoilers: Week 6 Head Of Household Winner Revealed - It's Going To Be A Wild Week!“Big Brother” (BB19) live feeds have been flooded with viewers as it has been an explosive week. It has been game on for Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson, against Paul Abrahamian and his dog pound. Ending last week live eviction, that sent Ramses Soto packing, Jessica felt the need to share that it would be useless to put her or Cody on the block this week for eviction.

Jessica claimed she had received the last temptation, thus keeping her and Cody safe for a few weeks (not entirely true). Paul, as the HoH for week 5, decided to call Jessica’s bluff by nominating them both for eviction. This set off an explosion in the house, between the house (9) with Paul leading the pack against Jessica and Cody (2), seemed nothing was off limits.

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Paul and the pack quickly targeted Cody, declaring an emotional warfare. Attacking him by questioning his military service (not cool), they took turns confronting ‘Jody’ (Jessica/Cody) in attempts to break them. Finally, Cody listened to Jessica and kept his cool by keeping his mouth shut.

The party eventually moved outside with ‘Jody’ on one end of the yard, and Paul and his pack on the other. As the dog pound (the house) was barking off things trying to get some kind of reaction, Jessica and Cody remained calm, not engaging with the pack. However, things in “Big Brother” (BB19) can change quickly, and Paul thought he just might get Cody out after all.

“Big Brother” (BB19) live feeds caught many conversations between Paul and Jessica this week. Paul, doing what Paul does best, went to work planting those seeds of doubt with Jessica about Cody and if she really has his loyalty. So a deal was in the works, Jessica considering not using the hex allowing the house to vote Cody out, in return, she would have safety next week. Then the house would have to vote Alex Ow out the next week. Like many of the deals made in “Big Brother,” this one also had no merit.

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In tonight’s live eviction, Jessica used the Halting Hex to stop any eviction for the week, keeping her and Cody in the game. Moving forward will be a battle as the house is 9 against 2. So Cody and Jessica really need to play a great game, or they will find themselves back in the same place next week. The best outcome for ‘Jody’ is for one to win the HoH.

“Big Brother” (BB19) live feeds showed the houseguest had a practice round for tonight’s HoH competition. Each houseguest was given the chance to swing and put 10 balls, all except Paul as outgoing HoH he is not allowed to compete. During the HoH competition, the houseguest was only given one shot. At the end of the ramp was numbered in no special order. The house guest with the highest number wins. They started off with a tie between Mark Jansen and Jason Dent, with 15. Cody beat that with a 21, Christmas soon tied with Cody. Then along came Josh with a 23… YES! Josh is the new HoH, what a crazy fun week this could be!

Who do you think Josh will target for eviction this week? Will it be Jessica and Cody? Or maybe Mark? Who ever it is it is going to be an exciting week. Leave us a comment below and share your thoughts on tonight’s episode. Check back with Soap Opera Spy to stay up to date on everything going on in the “Big Brother” (BB19) house. So get the popcorn ready the circus is in town!

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