Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Week 10 PoV Meeting Result – Find Out If The Veto Was Used

Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Week 10 PoV Meeting Result - Find Out If The Veto Was UsedBig Brother 19 Spoilers state that Paul Abrahamian won the Week 10 POV competition. There has been some back and forth on if he would use the Veto, so it was anyone’s guess what he would do when the live feeds went off for the ceremony.

To recap Week 10, Christmas Abbott won the HOH competition and nominated Jason Dent and Alex Ow. The Apple Tree came alive, and no one picked an apple. Paul won the POV and decided to use the Veto to save Alex. Christmas named Kevin Schlehuber as the replacement nominee. Jason and Kevin are Week 10’s final nominees.

Big Brother 19 spoilers state that Paul decided to save Alex from eviction. Josh Martinez was not happy with his decision to save Alex because he knew that she could convince three people to keep Jason. As it stands now, Josh fears that Paul isn’t voting to keep Jason this week.

Josh figured out that Paul and Alex have some deal and he’s protecting her in the BB19 game. He hasn’t suggested targeting Paul yet, but he hinted that they are playing Paul’s game, not theirs. Earlier today, Josh stated that it was better for their game to go on the block because Paul would be evicted if he’s up on the block. Has anyone considered that they have to get rid of Paul to win Big Brother?

BB19 spoilers indicate that Josh wants to separate Alex and Paul because they seem to be getting too close. However, Paul is controlling the game, making it difficult for them to target Alex. Christmas is not open to flipping on Paul. If that’s Josh’s plan, he will have to do it all on his own.

Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Week 10 PoV Meeting Result - Find Out If The Veto Was Used

Kevin worries that he will be evicted on Thursday. He thinks they are lying to him and he was the target all along. Little does he know, they are planning on voting Jason out. It could burn them in the end. When Julie Chen announces Thursday is a double eviction, Paul won’t have time to smooth things over with Alex, and he could be her number one target.

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