Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Jason Dent Makes Another Rape Comment – BB19 Fans Demand CBS Take Action

Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Jason Dent Makes Another Rape Comment - BB19 Fans Demand CBS Take ActionBig Brother 19 spoilers reveal that Jason Dent made another rape comment on Wednesday afternoon. This time, he wasn’t threatening Kevin Schlehuber’s wife, Deborah, but telling a story about a time university police stopped him. One thing led to another, and Dent joked about being in a rush to go “rape a bunch of women at the nursing home.”

Jason claimed that one time he was stopped by university police in his hometown.  He believed the campus cops stopped him from harassing him and told them he didn’t have time for their drama. Apparently, Jason told them they were fake cops and couldn’t do anything to him.  That’s when Jason advises them that he was on his way to a nursing home to rape a bunch of women.

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Big Brother fans were upset by his rape comment.  Just a few days before this comment, he joked about having sex with Kevin’s wife and making his kids watch.  It crossed the line, and many felt it bordered on harassment.

Even so, Jason’s fans claim the comment was made in jest and wasn’t meant to be taken literally.  Others felt that you shouldn’t joke about rape and taking advantage of elderly women.

Deborah, Kevin’s wife, spoke out about Jason’s comments and said that she didn’t accept his family’s apology.  She felt there was no reason why he would something so vile and indicated that it spoke volumes about his true character.

Kevin’s wife said that her husband would never say such things about anyone, whether joking or not.  She added that she doesn’t find those comments funny or entertaining.  She made it pretty clear to Big Brother; she doesn’t find rape funny at all.

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Big Brother has not replied or addressed the comments. Fans have demanded CBS take action against Jason, but so far, nothing has been done. So far, they haven’t aired the comments on the television show and have tried to avoid the subject altogether.

Do you think it is okay to joke around about rape? Should Jason be taken off Big Brother for his tasteless rape jokes?  Will CBS address the comments?  Stick with Soap Opera Spy for more Big Brother 19 spoilers right here!

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