Weekly Soap Opera Ratings September 5-9: ‘GH’ Continues Ratings Gains – ‘DOOL’ Ratings Improve Again – ‘Y&R’ Loses Viewers, ‘B&B’ Ratings Hit New Low

Weekly Soap Opera Ratings For September 5-9: ‘GH’ Continues Steady Ratings Gains – ‘DOOL’ Total View Ratings Improve Again – ‘Y&R’ Loses Viewers, ‘B&B’ Ratings Hit New Low With Women 18-49The soap opera ratings for the week of September 5 through September 9 have been posted by Soap Opera Network. ‘General Hospital’ enjoyed yet another gain in ratings for both total viewers and in the women 18-49 demographic. ‘Days of Our Lives’ also enjoyed a bump in the ratings both with total viewers and women ages 18-49. However, ‘The Young and the Restless’ lost viewers across the board. ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ also lost total viewers and hit a new low with women 18-49.

Days of Our Lives

Soap Opera Network reported the ratings for ‘DOOL’ the week of September 5-9 total viewership was up by a whopping 91,000 viewers with 2,249,000 watching NBC’s lone daytime drama. Women 18-49 decided to start watching ‘Days of Our Lives’ again last week with 382,000 viewers in this category. This represents a gain of 6,000 women in this demographic.

General Hospital

‘GH’ total viewer numbers were up across the board with 2,620,000 total viewers for the week of September 5 through September 9. This increase in the number of total viewers represents a gain of 32,000 viewers. ‘General Hospital’ also won back women 18-49 viewers with 432,000 tuned in which represents a gain of 14,000 viewers in this demographic.

The Bold and the Beautiful

B&B’ total viewer ratings were down in the total view demographic with 3,699,000 watching the soap opera. That represents a loss of 59,000 viewers. The week of September 5-9 ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ hit a new low with 457,000 women ages 18-49 watching. That is a decrease of 50,000 viewers in that demographic.

The Young and the Restless

After three straight weeks of gains in the ratings for total viewers, ‘Y&R’ took a big hit with 4,624,000 tuning in which represents a loss of 136,000 total viewers. Soap Opera Network reports that for the second straight week ‘Y&R’ has lost viewers in the women 18-49 demographic – 551,000 were watching the week of September 5-9. That represents a loss of 61,000 viewers in that category.

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