‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers Week Of May 23-27: Billy Can’t Live Without Phyllis, Hilary Blackmails Lily, Sharon Fears Nick Will Uncover The Truth

'The Young And The Restless' Spoilers Week Of May 23-27: Billy Can't Live Without Phyllis, Hilary Blackmails Lily, Sharon Fears Nick Will Uncover The Truth ‘The Young and the Restless’ (Y&R) weekly spoiler video teases that there will be even more betrayal, baby drama and backstabbing going on in Genoa City beginning Monday, May 23. Expect to see Billy Abbott [Jason Thompson] and Phyllis Abbott [Gina Tognoni] to continue their affair. But, there’s more.

Hilary Hamilton [Mishael Morgan] is on to Billy and Phyllis and is ready to tell all to Jack Abbott [Peter Bergman]. But that’s not going to stop Billy from professing his undying passion for Phyllis. “I’m starting to think I can’t live without you” Billy tells Phyllis in the ‘Y&R’ spoiler promo. Looks as if Phyllis can’t live without Billy either because she happily jumps back into bed with her brother-in-law.

Adam Newman [Justin Hartley] will reveal to Victoria Newman [Amelia Heinle] that he is facing trumped up murder charges. Spoilers indicate that Adam will be arrested by Dylan McAvoy [Steve Burton] for the murder of Constance Bingham [Sally Kellerman].

Not only is Hilary involved in Phyllis and Billy’s business, her mission to take down Lily Ashby [Christel Khalil] continues. Devon Hamilton [Bryton James] encounters his sister at the bar of the GCAC and asks her if everything is okay. It won’t take long for Lily to let Devon know that his wife is blackmailing her. “Does that sound okay to you?” Lily asks Devon.

No day in Genoa City would be complete without baby drama. As Nick Newman [Joshua Morrow] sits in the park holding Sully/Christian, Dylan tells Sharon Newman [Sharon Case] that it devastates him to see Nick holding “our son.” And of course Sharon is petrified everyone is going to find out the truth and that she may not have known from the beginning, but she has known since just before Sage Newman’s [Kelly Sullivan] death.

“The Young and the Restless” spoiler teaser for the week of May 23-27 warns, “Spring fever has arrived! Expect an increase in betrayal, backstabbing and baby drama!”

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Backstabbing, betrayal and baby drama. You don't want to miss next week! #yr #cbsdaytime

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  1. Ang says


  2. marcus Washington says

    I can’t wait to Nicholas, finds out that his son is alive , and Sharon actually pays for her sins . Want the nurse to find out that Victor is using her . B&B …. I want Liam and Wyatt mom to actually be a couple ,he can’t live with out her because he really has feelingsfor her ,what a twist . And I want Steffi and Wyatt to stay together,but Steffi gets really jealous, of quinn and liams relationship and wants Liam back but then she finds out she’s pregnant. I would like to see Caroline and Thomas together as a family , I also would like to see Carter with Maya’s New found sister ! Here’s a twist , Nicole wants the baby she gave birth to as her own to raise .

    1. Ang says

      NO Sasha would never get with Carter inless it was just for a roll in the hay but she’d be perfect for Thomas! Everything else you said is rumored to happen with Liam & Quinn & Nicole & her baby with Rick!

      1. marcus Washington says

        So Nicole and Thomas together ,and his baby then Caroline gets jealous .what’s your opinion about dollar bill and Brooke?

        1. Ang says

          Nope Caroline would never be jealous & no one should have her baby but her & Ridge especially after what he did to Caroline & Nicole & Carter is a better fit than Nicole & him. Well frankly Bill & Brooke deserve one another Katie needs to divorce him & take Will, stop drinking, & get a nice new man, where’s Thorne?

          1. marcus Washington says

            Yeah I wonderedwhat happened to him

          2. Ang says

            He is in Paris, I know he’ll would have never went with the woman who killed his beloved Darla whether she meant to or not.

  3. marcus Washington says

    Nikki should leave Victor and get her self a new man , may be jack Abbott, once Phyllis get caught with Billy . And Victoria should be with summer’snew found boyfriend just to prove a point like father like daughter .BRING VICTORIA ROWELL BACK To kick Devons wife hillary butt for messing with her family and and where has Malcolm been ,Neil’s brother , somebody need to come to the winters family rescue like asap ,cause we tired of Hilary

        1. Ang says

          I started watching Y&R when I was 7 & don’t know why but I’ve always liked Paul & always wanted him & Nikki to be together so when it was revealed that they had a son together I was thrilled & I mean OMG how much I do not like Christine/Lauralee, never have so I doubt they will ever be together cause the high & mighty Christine will never go off the show cause her family runs things!

          1. marcus Washington says

            Lol , that’s true but I agree with your reasons

  4. marcus Washington says

    I think once or if they cast a new member to the B&B for Thomas , Carolina world get furious and so jealous.plus brook needs a man plz ,

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