‘The Young and the Restless’ Spoilers: Travis’ New York Secret Darkens Sunny Demeanor – Explanation Proves Plausible

'The Young and the Restless' Spoilers: Travis' New York Secret Darkens Sunny Demeanor – Explanation Proves PlausibleTravis (Michael Roark) was caught on ‘The Young and the Restless’. He received flowers and a card from a former romantic interest in New York, via Ashley’s (Eileen Davidson) prompting. Then, after speaking with Ms. Abbott in Chancellor Park, Travis felt compelled to reveal his Wall Street secret to Victoria (Amelia Heinle). The fact that he did so voluntarily counts, but does darken Travis’ sunny demeanor.

Viewers learned that Ashley and Travis knew each other after they were recently stuck in an elevator together. While no deep past personal connection existed, subsequent backstory information exposed the fact that a woman named Michelle (no actor is currently filing this role) was the wife of Travis’ boss. So, the note Michelle sent to her former boyfriend, nothing that he was “…back in the game.”, proved interesting.

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Vickie wants to believe that she’s moved past Billy’s (Jason Thompson) wild life. She’s chosen to be with someone who sported positivity, was well-liked by everyone he met and offered her a fresh perspective on life. Billy was messy. Travis is clean, or appeared to be so.

Many people have past relationships. In this instance, Travis didn’t tell a false story about a former love interest. He simply omitted certain prickly details about how he came to leave New York. While Vickie is understandably surprised by what she’s learned, there is an upside to recent developments.

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Travis directly confronted Ashley. He questioned her about how Michelle came to learn he was now based in Genoa City. After he confirmed that Ashley was the source of Michelle’s knowledge, Travis advised Vickie what happened. Acting in that rapid manner, within a same day time span, provides solid evidence that he wasn’t interested in hiding that information. He was actually ashamed of what happened, which confirms he has a conscience.

Viewers surely understand that either end of a developing duo can opt against pushing every past personal point into a new relationship. So, ‘Tricky’ needs to work through this bump in the soapy road. Travis and Vickie continue to possess the right chemistry that can allow them to become a long-term super couple on Y&R.

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