‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: The Jig Is Up For Dr. Anderson – Sage Exposes Scheming Doctor

'The Young And The Restless' Spoilers: The Jig Is Up For Dr. Anderson - Sage Exposes Scheming Doctor‘The Young and The Restless’ (Y&R) spoilers reveal that Dr Sandy Anderson [Elizabeth Bogush] is about to lose all her leverage as her schemes are exposed to Nick Newman [Joshua Morrow] thanks to Sage Newman [Kelly Sullivan].

Sage has had a feeling for a while that Dr A was “off” but Nick had dismissed it time and again to Sage’s grief over the death of their son Christian. But a recent event will finally have Nick seeing the light about the obsessed shrink.

On an upcoming episode, Sage and Nick will be chilling at Crimson Lights when Dr Anderson comes in and that’s where the unraveling of Dr A’a schemes begins. Sage becomes agitated and remarks to Nick that she thinks there is something suspicious about the doctor.

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Dr Anderson will chat up the couple and ask how they’re doing. The thing is – they’re doing great. Nick has finally won Sage back. They’re living together, they’re operating as a family and things are much better – all of this because Nick ignored every piece of advice that Dr A offered.

Sage is annoyed and tells Dr Anderson that what they really need is for her to go away. Nick thinks she’s being rude but Dr Anderson apologizes for butting into their conversation and leaves the coffee shop. That’s a smart move for Dr A because it could make Sage look like she’s being paranoid.

And that is what Nick thinks at first, particularly when Sage tells him she think that Dr A has the hots for him and that’s why she’s always butting into their lives – and everyone else’s lives – over and above what a therapist should be doing.

Nick thinks Sage is overreacting and it’s the grief making her more sensitive. But, in fact, it looks like Sage is the only one in Genoa City with a clue about Dr A. Sage sees that Nick is trying to placate her but really doesn’t believe her.

Sage tells him she’s going to find out what’s up with the therapist one way or the other then exits the coffee shop, leaving him there to ponder. But then Dr Anderson will come back after Sage leaves and that timing will seem a little too coincidental to Nick.

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Dr A says she came back because she forgot to get her coffee but Nick thinks she waited until Sage left to come back to talk to him. Nick decides to go straight at her and says Sage thinks she’s got a thing for him and now he’s starting to think Sage is right.

This is Dr Anderson’s chance to come clean and reveal her intentions. Y&R spoilers have long hinted that she’s Sandra Allan – the teenaged girl who broke her neck in the Newman pool when she and Nick were both in high school.

Sandra had enough of a crush on Nick back then to dive into a pool and break her neck – what is a grown-up smarter version of that kid capable of now? Will Dr A admit she’s attracted to him? Or will she try to pass this off as Sage’s psychological issues from the loss of her child?

It’s doubtful Dr A would confess this late in the game – considering the baby stealing and lying extremes she’s gone to – but the problem is Nick and Sage will now be united in their distrust of her. Will Nick and Sage alert Dylan McAvoy [Steve Burton] and Sharon Newman [Sharon Case] of their suspicions?

Looks like Dylan got that detective badge just in time – maybe his first case will be looking into the overly intrusive Dr Anderson, who she really is, and why she came to Genoa City. What do you think Y&R fans, are you excited to find out the truth about the evil shrink?

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  1. Sharon says

    That’s fine I want to know when Nick and Sage are going to get there Baby Back

  2. Donna says

    Its about time they are wising up regarding Dr. A.!!!!

  3. Dani Bushey says

    I think it’s about time that someone wises up to Dr . A’s scheming and gives the baby back to Sage & Nick.

  4. Jaclie says

    I wish they will get the Dr. Anderson/baby situation over with so they can focus more on the Kevin/Natalie’s Victor/Santours missing Adam and Billy’s scenes since Billy suppose to be improved

  5. Donna says

    I really do not understand how Sharon thinks she gave birth to that child with no physical signs. Didn’t she do a follow up with her own ob Dr? That is impossible what a joke

    1. Kathy says

      i know right? Did she have any bleeding afterwards? I know it’s a soap opera but highly unlikely that she would not know she didn’t give birth lol

    2. michele says

      Yeah and you know that after you give birth a woman has a period for about 6 weeks where does she think hers went

  6. Elaine williams says

    I can’t wait to get rid of this witch. Stupid storyline to begin with. It’s not right to keep this baby away from his natural parents and doing this to Dylan AGAIN is just plain cruel.

  7. Jenny says

    How about the Devon/Hillary/Neil story line? So, so sick of this dragging on and on…Anybody else?

  8. Lorna says

    I can’t wait till nick and sage get their baby back and Dr A Goes to jail

  9. Beverly Barnes says

    Don’t give that baby back to nick and sage just to take it away from them well take it away from nick please fix this if Sharon Can have a baby with no symptoms and then y’all can fix the blood test to

  10. Janay says

    I would love to see Sage get her baby back!!!
    Come on get on with it!! I really dislike that Dr.

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