‘The Young And The Restless’ News: Justin Hartley Stars In New Movie ‘The Challenger’ – Watch The Trailer Here!

yr-jt-challenge“The Young and the Restless” star Justin Hartley’s has a role in the film “The Challenger” which will be released to video on demand February 2. Justin portrays a character named James.  The motion picture won a major award at the 2015 Rhode Island Film Festival – the Viola M. Marshall Audience Choice Award for Best Feature Film. Congratulations!

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From Wishing Well Pictures, “The Challenger” had a limited release on September 11, 2015. Justin portrays James in this movie written and directed by Kent Moran – who also portrays the lead character Jaden Miller a mechanic from the Bronx. The synopsis describes the movie as sports drama.

James and his mother [S. Epatha Merkerson] are evicted from their home and the promising fighter needs to find a way to keep his family from becoming homeless.  The late Michael Clarke Duncan stars as legendary trainer Duane Taylor – who can see the potential in the young boxer. Duane puts James through grueling training – and Jaden wins his very first fight. Not long after a cable network decides to make a reality show built around Jaden – and the network names the show “The Challenger.” The show follows Jaden on his way to the light-heavyweight title.

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“The Challenger” cast is rounded out by Lindsay Hartley [Teresa Lopez-Fitzgerald, “Passions,” Arianna Hernandez, “Days of Our Lives”,Cara Castillo Martin, “All My Children], Frank Watson, Stan Carp and Rob Morgan.
“Y&R” fans, do you plan on watching Justin Hartley in “The Challenger”? It certainly sounds interesting and inspiring – and gives moviegoers a chance to see Michael Clarke Duncan in his last role before his untimely passing.
Check out the trailer for “The Challenger” below.

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