‘The Young and the Restless’ Spoilers: Sharon Digging Own Grave – Dylan Gave Wife Chance To Come Clean, Sharon’s Lies Unforgivable?

'The Young and the Restless' Spoilers: Sharon Digging Own Grave – Dylan Gave Wife Chance To Come Clean, Sharon's Lies Unforgivable?Sharon (Sharon Case) had yet another chance to come clean on ‘The Young and the Restless’. But, she foolishly opted to continue lying yet again. Dylan’s (Steve Burton) multiple questions about Patty (Stacy Haiduk) further scratched the surface of the looming, soon-to-be-explosive Sully secret.

Some people have character flaws. Enablers of bent personalities would rush to disagree, but they would be just as wrong-headed. And, yes there are gray segments in life. But, there are also clear areas of right and wrong, regardless of what moral relativists falsely preach.

After more than two decades of creating problems, or making bad matters worse, there’s no rational denial of the fact that Sharon is a moral relativist. She’s invented her own world where any action is justified. That is the only way to honestly explain keeping Sage’s (Kelly Sullivan) child, letting Nick (Joshua Morrow) believe that Christian is dead and spitting in Dylan’s face by withholding information whenever he simply asks for the truth.

Nick is able to read Sharon better than anyone in Genoa City. He told Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) this week that something feels off with his ex-wife. Sharon’s facial expressions, ever-spooked look in her eyes and verbal dodges don’t actually reveal a guilty conscience. Instead, those three points reaffirm the behavior of person who’s furthering a coverup.

Sharon would have earned everyone’s sympathy and respect if she’d told Dylan and Nick what she suspected about Sully’s paternity. But, when her memory cleared after returning from Fairview she choose to have a paternity test conducted on Sully. Sharon did so months ago when she took a glass that Nick drank out of while visiting her at the cottage. In a court case that act would be linked to intent.

Immediately after Halloween ends Sharon’s misdeeds will horrify this fictional portion of Wisconsin. There will be no place to hide when the Sully secret is screamed to the world. And, the grave Sharon will fall into will have been dug by her own dirty hands.

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