‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Nick And Sharon Get Closer After Sage’s Death – Mariah And Dylan Suspicious Of Former Couple

'The Young And The Restless' Spoilers: Nick And Sharon Get Closer After Sage’s Death – Mariah And Dylan Suspicious Of Former Couple‘The Young and The Restless’ (Y&R) spoilers tease that Nick and Sharon will continue to get closer now that Sage is gone. But if Dylan gets jealous, he’s likely off the mark thinking this is about romance. It’s more about guilt and grief.

As Nick Newman [Joshua Morrow] continues to spiral down in his grief, Sharon Newman [Sharon Case] becomes more and more concerned. Sharon has parsed in her mind that Sage Newman’s [Kelly Sullivan] death is in no way her fault.

In fact, Sharon might see it as a good thing that she didn’t hand Sully over to Sage since she was driving distracted. Sage might have been making calls with Sully in the car and still had the wreck. The sole thing that Sharon does feel horrible about is the “Christian is dead” lie.

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Sharon feels trapped between the idea of letting Nick keep believing that Christian is dead plus the grief of losing Sage versus the idea of crushing Dylan McAvoy [Steve Burton] who is extremely attached to Sully. To counter this, Sharon will make an effort for Nick to spend time with Sully.

Of course, that also means Nick spending time with Sharon. She’ll try to explain her wanting Nick to hang with her son because Sage also liked spending time with Sully. But it’s really a mechanism to keep Nick in his son’s life while keeping secret the knowledge that Sully is his son.

That’s a crazy plan, but Sharon is not exactly sane. However, can Sharon keep Nick close by without arousing suspicion? Dylan already doesn’t like it when Sharon and her high school sweetie get too close and Mariah Copeland [Camryn Grimes] may also prove problematic.

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Sage was asking Mariah a TON of questions that got Mariah thinking about her mom’s miscarriage and the improbably timeline of Sharon delivering Sully in Fairview. How long can Sharon keep this charade going?

Will Dylan suspect Sharon of a renewed romantic attachment to Nick because of all the time she’s spending with him while she tries to keep Nick in Sully’s life? Will clever Mariah figure out her mom’s secret and blow all this up by telling Nick the truth?

Is there any chance that real romance might blossom between Nick and Sharon? Nick is emotional and grieving and Sharon is emotional and feeling guilty. That’s a lot of emotions in play. What do you think will happen?

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  1. Billyboy says

    Sharon did not cause Sage’s death, she took her eyes off of the road while using her phone. Sharon will be blame for everything. Sharon needs to come clean NOW. I applaud how Y&R are not dragging out the stories as long as they once did, but this one needs to be solve NOW instead of LATER. I have wanted Sharon and Nick back together for ever, they have chemistry together, they are the Victor n Nikki thou younger. I would like Jessica Collins to come back on for Dylan. And some different stories, instead of all the ones with baby stealing. I mean Sharon has had a baby stolen from her (yes she was wrong to do what she did about Summer), but she also lost Cassie. Baby stealing is old old old.

    1. Ang says

      I agree Billy, I love Sharon & can sympathize with the struggle she’s going through & I hate when the writers do this to Sharon & I hate it even more when people talk about her as they do & call her names! And yeah, baby stealing is so old!

      1. Billyboy says

        I understand that this is a Soap Opera but I myself my dislike an actresses/actor n I do voice my opinion. I also like it when there are others whom my agree to disagree with me, but I am like you, I don’t like it when others call someone out of their name because they are only playing an character. Thanks

        1. Ang says

          I can understand not liking a character too but some take it way too far. I know like I”m on this other soap thread & this woman doesn’t like Jennifer on DOOL & I don’t like Nicole but whereas she goes on to every, & I mean every reply on the thread & just doesn’t state that she doesn’t like her but she goes on & on about it, I mean days after I have left the thread & haven’t responded, she is still there commenting not once but 2 & 3 times with the same dribble on how much she hates her, it’s ridiculous! Yeah I’m like that too, I can agree to disagree inless it’s something that really happened in RL then I tend to go on a little mroe. And you are welcome! 🙂

          1. Billyboy says

            At least we understand each other. Yes I am on another site and the women was saying that Sharon Case was sleeping with several writers from Y&R n called her a B, like I said it is only a soap. I know I talk to much about Summer. But thanks for listening. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  2. Janet says

    Agreed! I was shocked that both the thing with Max AND where Cane told Lily were in one show! WOW! But this is way too long for this story line to go on…and I for one was sad that Sage left 🙁

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