‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Lily Plots To Take Hilary Down, Convinces Jack To Fire Devon’s Wife From Charity?

'The Young And The Restless' Spoilers: Lily Plots To Take Hilary Down, Convinces Jack To Fire Devon's Wife From Charity‘The Young And The Restless’ spoilers tease that Hilary’s (Mischael Morgan) life is about to take an ugly turn. She is already involved in a nasty lawsuit that is causing her a lot of problems. Devon (Bryton James) won’t be able to help her with the latest problem that she has. If the lawsuit wasn’t enough, now things are going to get worse for the schemer when her job is on the line.

Hilary and Lily (Christel Khalil) are not exactly friends. In fact, they hate each other. This is the perfect opportunity for Lily to get back at Hilary. Lily is sick of Hilary’s conniving ways and wants to put a stop to her actions. The lawsuit couldn’t have come at a more perfect time for Lily. Since Lily wants her gone, this is the perfect chance to get rid of her.

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This lawsuit against Hilary and Devon gives Lily a chance to get Jack (Peter Bregman) to side with her against her sister-in-law. Lily believes that Hilary isn’t an asset to the company. Her controversial personal life would be very bad for the foundation. Lily believes that their investors won’t want to be associated with the charity anymore. That would be bad for everyone involved with the foundation.

Jack wasn’t convinced that Hilary was bad for the foundation, but now he’s starting to see her in a new light. He realizes that whenever Hilary is around trouble is not far behind her. He wants to call a meeting in order to get rid of her for good. He doesn’t want her causing problems for his charity.

According to spoilers, Lily will strike first at Hilary. She wants to watch Hilary’s life crumble underneath her. She wants to knock her down off of her high horse. Lily sees Hilary as nothing but a conniving woman who is destroying her brother. Hilary was responsible for the downfall of Dr. Neville (Michael E Knight) and destroys everyone she knows.

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Everyone seems to want her out of the company except for Devon. The members of the board are likely to vote her out of the company. They don’t want her bringing any scandal to the charity. Will Hilary have anyone stand by her side (besides Devon) who will vote to keep her on board? Will this be a wake-up call for the schemer to change her ways?

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