‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Jack Suspects Phyllis Is Lying – Ashley Suggests Illicit Affair

'The Young And The Restless' Spoilers: Jack Suspects Phyllis Is Lying – Ashley Suggests Illicit Affair‘The Young and the Restless’ spoilers reveal that Jack Abbott [Peter Bergman] is about to discover Phyllis Abbott’s [Gina Tognoni] adulterous affair with his brother Billy Abbott [Jason Thompson]. Will Jack take Phyllis’s request for a break from their marriage and turn it a divorce that could be an all-out

Abbott family war?

Phyllis hasn’t been thinking clearly and her monthly Jabot expense accounts are sloppy enough for Jack to question some of the charges on them. Why isn’t Phyllis “business trip” to Canada using the company jet not listed? Jack asks his assistant who confirms that the jet never left Genoa City on the days Phyllis claimed to be in Canada. Is this just some kind of bookkeeping error?

Isn’t this enough information for Jack to confront Phyllis? Nope, Jack has to ask the pilot if there was some kind of last-minute change to the flight plan. Guess what – the pilot confirms Phyllis never used the company jet on the days listed on the expense account sheet.

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This wouldn’t be the first time Phyllis has lied to Jack and snuck around behind his back. Remember Phyllis affair with Nick Newman [Joshua Morrow]? Cheating with Nick caused heartache not just for Jack but for Sharon Newman [Sharon Case} too. It ended both relationships after Phyllis discovered she was pregnant and did not know whether Nick or Jack was the father of her baby.

Ashley Abbott [Eileen Davidson] is concerned about Jack and asks him if he and Phyllis have been able to put their marriage back on track. Jack’s silence prompts Ashley to ask what’s wrong and Jack will show Ashley the expense report with the missing entry for Phyllis trip to Canada. Ashley’s first reaction is the same as Jack’s – it’s an accounting error.

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Jack fills Ashley in – he’s already thoroughly checked with his assistant and the pilot. Ashley laughingly suggests that Phyllis is cheating on him. ‘Y&R’ spoilers reveal that Jack will try to ignore all the signs but given the Phyllis’s history of cheating Jack can’t bury his head in the sand forever.

Ashley thinks Jack should keep quiet – does he really want to level an accusation like that at Phyllis when their marriage is in a very fragile place right now?

What happens next? Billy has already pushed Phyllis away because she wouldn’t tell Jack the truth. With Jill Atkinson [Jess Walton] back in Genoa City and Travis Crawford [Michael Roark] on the way out Billy and Victoria Newman [Amelia Heinle] probably headed for a reunion.

If Jack learns the truth about Phyllis’s affair with Billy will this be the end of the line after years of reunions and break-ups?

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