‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Dr. Shelby And Dr. Neville Fight Over Billy Abbott – Who Will Save Him?

'The Young And The Restless' Spoilers: Dr. Shelby And Dr. Neville Fight Over Billy Abbott - Who Will Save Him?“The Young and the Restless” spoilers tease that a front burner storyline is headed for Dr. Simon Neville [Michael E. Knight]. This week’s storylines is centered on Billy Abbott’s [Burgess Jenkins] fight to survive, and Dr. Neville thinks he may be able to save him. He offers his services, but Dr. Shelby [Terrell Tilford] objects to his help.

Billy’s health takes a horrifying turn when his heart stops. Scared he could die, his mother; Jill [Jess Walton] is willing to do ANYTHING to save him. Dr. Neville offers to put Billy in his treatment and is pretty sure he can help revive Billy. There is only one issue—Dr. Shelby refuses to allow him to help because he is not part of the Genoa City Memorial Hospital staff. Revealing Neville was fired several months back.

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Dr. Neville stands up for himself after Dr. Shelby attacks his work, claiming he could have seriously harmed Hilary Hamilton [Mishael Morgan]. Simon says, “I saved her life. I brought her back.” Something about what he said got to the Abbott’s, as Ashley urges Jill to allow him to help.

Soap Central revealed that it might be a week or more before Jill allows Dr. Neville to treat Billy; however, it is looking to be a definite possibility. In fact, many fans believe that through Billy’s case, Dr. Neville may stumble upon a discovery that could be Ashley’s cure. How will Dr. Neville get around Dr. Shelby’s concerns about his treatment?

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The spoilers have not revealed that quite yet. Dr. Neville is persistent, and he truly believes in helping others, so he will find a way.   Dr. Neville will struggle this week with his feelings for Ashley, which drives his need to help her brother. He believes he can help, and refuses to take no for an answer, according to Soap Central.  Is it possible that through treating Billy, Dr. Neville discovers something that helps him find Ashley’s brain tumor cure?

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