‘The Young And The Restless’ Interview: Jason Thompson Discusses New ‘Y&R’ Role – Says Billy Abbott Will Be Redeemed

'The Young And The Restless' Interview: Jason Thompson Discusses New 'Y&R' Role - Says Billy Abbott Will Be Redeemed“The Young and the Restless” fans prepare as Jason Thompson steps into the role of Billy Abbott [Burgess Jenkins] in just a few days. The fans are divided whether the seasoned soap star can pull off the iconic role. One thing is certain–Thompson will do the best he can with the material he is given.  Jason Thompson talked with CBS Soaps in Depth and revealed that Billy was an attractive role for him because he needs redemption in a huge way. He said, “Billy will get his redemption and he is so happy to be apart of the journey.”

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Generally, the “Y&R” fans believe that Billy will gradually get better after the accident, then turn a new leaf after he comes too. He will completely change his life and become the husband and father his children and Victoria [Amelia Heinle] deserve.  Billy has a rough road ahead of him–not only with his family but his health. He will likely be in the hospital for at least a few weeks, and could face a major medical ordeal before it’s all said and done.

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Jason Thompson also told Soaps in Depth, the part of the role that was so attractive was that Billy Abbott is a ‘meaty’ character. He is in frontburner storylines and seems to be in some type of emotional distress most of the time. “As an actor, it is very fulfilling to portray someone like Billy,” Thompson explained.  Jason will debut as Billy on January 13–as Burgess Jenkins will exit the role at the end of the week [January 8]. Fans of Y&R” are hoping [and praying] this is the last recast of Billy to endure for at least a few years.

Soap Opera Spy fans, are you excited to see Jason Thompson as Billy Abbott? Do you think Billy can be redeemed?

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