The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Chelsea And Nick Ring In New Year Together – Finally Give In To Their Romantic Urges?

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Chelsea And Nick Ring In New Year Together - Finally Give In To Their Romantic Urges? The Young and the Restless’ Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) and Chelsea Lawson Newman (Melissa Claire Egan) have had their fair share of loss and sadness this past year and since they have been able to lean on each other and trust each other, it seems only fitting that they would be together to ring in the new year. 

Earlier in 2016, Sage Newman (Kelly Sullivan) died after that horrible car accident and Adam Newman (Justin Hartley) was declared dead after the cabin explosion, leaving both Nick and Chelsea as single parents, so how fitting is it that the two decide to stay home and ring in the new year with just the kids? 

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Fans have been watching Chelsea and Nick closely and clearly there is a spark between the two.  Nick has somewhat of an attraction to her, who wouldn’t?  She is a beautiful, smart, business savvy woman who has undeniable inner strength and courage.

Although neither of them are looking for romance, they are both at the same spot in their lives, both are still raw from the loss of their spouses, and seem to be unwilling to think beyond that right now. 

The Young and the Restless’  Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) has already hinted to the two growing closer, thinking it is a good thing for Chelsea to be with Nick, but are they prepared to move forward?  The holidays are for family and friends, to share happy memories and create new ones.  Nick and Chelsea enjoy talking to each others company, and cannot help but grow closer; both are in denial but could they be truly falling for each other? 

Y&R fans know that Chelsea needs to tread lightly because she knows that Christian isn’t really Nick’s son and the truth could blow Nick’s world apart.  Victor has put it in her mind that Sage didn’t want Nick to know the truth and Adam was fine with Nick raising him, so why rock the boat?  This secret does weigh on Chelsea’s mind this holiday season but it really isn’t on her mind while she is with Nick and the kids bringing in the new year. 

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New Year’s Eve, Faith (Alyvia Alyn Lind) is with them for the night, and although she is determined to stay up until midnight, she begins to fall asleep, giving Chelsea the opportunity to pack up Connor and go home.  Nick will convince Chelsea to stay so they both can say goodbye to all the sadness and loss 2016 brought them and hope for a better year.  

Spoilers reveal that Nick may be struggling within, he promised to take care of Chelsea and Connor when Adam was sent to prison, but will he be able to keep that promise as they develop feelings for each other?  Fans will just have to wait to see if Chelsea and Nick give in to the attraction or will they think it is a bad idea, and end it before giving it a chance?  

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  1. Janet Roberts says

    The idea of Nick and chelsea being together is horrible they need to bring back Adam preferably with Michael Muhney with Dylan leaving they should put Nick back with Sharon.

    1. Billyboy says

      Janet I so agree with you, we are still recovering from the mess with Phyllis n Billy. I don’t like Nick’s storyline right now, yes Sharon was wrong about keeping the secret about Christian, Nick does not realize it was because of Victor’s actions that cause Dr Anderson to steal the Christian. I think Phyllis, Chelsea n Sharon should be single for a few. Ashely n Mariah have had no love interest for sometime now, n than Y&R brings this computer wiz on for Ashley when he should be with Mariah n bring Michael K back on for Ashley.

  2. Robin says

    Don’t bring Adam back for a long time. I want to see Chelsea and Nick have a chance together.

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