‘The Young And The Restless’ Promo Video: Billy Attacks Travis – Hilary Makes A Move On Jack – Michael Discovers Clue To Victor’s Mystery Woman

'The Young And The Restless' Promo Video: Billy Attacks Travis - Hilary Makes A Move On Jack - Michael Discovers Clue To Victor's Mystery Woman‘The Young and the Restless’ spoilers in the new promo video for June 27 through July 1 reveal that Victoria [Amelia Heinle] will confess her love to Travis [Michael Roark]. Billy [Jason Thompson] and Travis will come to blows and Michael [Christian Le Blanc] will discover a lead to the mystery woman helping Victor [Eric Braeden] destroy Adam.

While Jack [Peter Bergman] and Phyllis [Michelle Stafford] get away from Genoa City. another marriage is melting down. Hilary [Mishael Morgan] will break Devon’s [Bryton James] heart when she tells him, “Our marriage is over Devon,” Hilary emphatically declares.

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Is that because Hilary has her sights set on Jack? In the ‘Y&R’ spoiler video for June 27 through July 1 Hilary makes a move on a stunned Jack. “You are a kind and a generous man,” Hilary tells Jack as she rubs his hand and looks at him as if she is about to devour him whole.

Michael reveals to Adam that there is a lead on the person who helped Victor frame Adam. “We gotta track her down and get her to testify,” says Adam. Natalie [Mara McCaffray] and Kevin [Greg Rikaart] will help Michael and Adam as they hack into the visiting room cameras at the prison.

Meanwhile Travis confronts Billy about Victoria. An angry Travis states, “Victoria’s on the verge of having something real again and you can’t handle it.” Billy grabs Travis and shoves him up against the bar.

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Victoria knows why Billy is so upset and she tells Travis, “I know why he got in your face the way that he did. Because he can’t stand that I’m falling in love again.” Is that really why Billy is all up in Travis’s face? Or is it because he doubts Travis’s motives in pursuing Victoria?

‘The Young and the Restless’ spoiler video for June 27 through July 1 says, “Get ready to celebrate the fourth. Proclaim your independence. Let freedom ring. Light the fireworks. Make a bold declaration. Don’t miss the fireworks next week on ‘Y&R.’

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