‘The Young and The Restless’ POLL: Will Sage’s REAL Diary Expose Adam’s Paternity Or Even More? VOTE!

'The Young and The Restless' POLL: Will Sage's REAL Diary Expose Adam's Paternity Or Even More? VOTE!Last week, on ‘The Young and the Restless’, Victor (Eric Braeden) cryptically told Adam (Justin Hartley) that the pages of Sage’s (Kelly Sullivan) real journal would soon be revealed. While not directly admitting that he paid a forger to frame Adam via a faux diary, Victor’s declarative statement opened some plot doors. One of them enables the possibility that Sage’s handwriting confirms Adam’s paternity as Christian’s father. Another would expose a deeper secret.

Adam and Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) were frightened that Sage’s journal would expose who Christian’s biological father was. Their fears were allayed when nothing was written that fingered Adam as his dad. However, unexpected information transformed Constance Bingham’s (Sally Kellerman) natural death into her murder at Adam’s hands on ‘The Young and the Restless’. That type of absurd statement didn’t seem like something Sage would think, let alone write. That’s why Adam believes his father hired someone to forge Sage’s handwriting and frame him for a crime he didn’t commit.

Daytime dramas employ staged reveals for an understandable reason. It’s surely challenging for writing staffs to be tasked with creating content five days a week year-round. So, whenever concealed information is teased viewers know that such knowledge is likely to be revealed in stages. First, one character is enlightened and then others become aware, as stretched resolutions play out on ‘The Young and the Restless’ and on other soaps.

On this steamer, Victor told Adam that Sage’s real journal pages would soon be found. At the same time he offered his son a slanted deal that was intended to force him back to work at Newman Enterprises. It was implied that the evidence to clear his name will miraculously appear after Adam agrees to crawl, once again, under his father’s corporate thumb. But, does Victor hold a second card that he didn’t show?

It be doubly damning if Victor was aware that Sage’s real journal pages also documented her child’s paternity. That explosive information wouldn’t touch the fact that Christian is actually Sully, a potent point Sage learned just prior to her death. Yet, it’s possible that she also opted to put pen to paper before confronting Sharon (Sharon Case) as well. And thus at least one staged reveal path has been set.

What do fans of ‘The Young and the Restless’ think? Does Sage’s real diary confirm Adam’s paternity, or more? Vote in our poll below!

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  1. Janet Roberts says

    I think it also will say that Sully is Christian.

  2. RG says

    Victor knows about Adam being Christian’s father. If Victor knows Sharon has Christian, I can seeing wi-Vic slipping a forged page or two into the real diary to have that come out. Nick would be furious at Sharon and I suspect Dylan would be none to happy either. Sully being Christian, would eat away at Adam. Or too really hurt Nick, then a copy of the letter Sage sent Adam could just show up and BOOM… .

    1. Billyboy says

      I hope Victor would not be that cruel to Nick, at least Nick went to his Dad in prison n ask for his help even thou Victor wouldn’t help him. I really want Victor to have all his children working at Newman with him. I don’t remember if he has had all four of them at once. Thou right now Abby needs to stay with her family. I think Vicky, Nick, n Adam are all strong characters n could turn out to be some very interesting storylines along with Victor. Let the baby stealing stories be put to rest never again told. Unless there is a trial over the murder of Dr Anderson, n instead of Patty killing her it is that nurse that helped kidnapped Christian or either Sage herself, she was as crazy as Sharon.

      1. RG says

        Victor picked Adam over Nick to deal with Lucas and his family. I think that was the last Time all four of his kids worked at Newman.
        Not sure how Nick will react to knowing Victor basically faked Sage’s diary to blackmail Adam into going back to Newman. That is, also to boot out Victoria and then for Adam to step aside when Victor came back to claim his office.. That has got to hurt Victoria as well.

  3. Christelle Sage says

    Don’t expose the paternity now beceause Sharon does not recover the truth about Christian. Because if she does it will be a pity for Nick , not for Adam. Paternity must be Uncovering after she returned Christian to Nick !

  4. Billyboy says

    Hopefully the journal will somehow get this storyline over with once n for all. The writers need to come up with a storyline to clear Sharon. I know viewers are up set with her because she did not tell anyone as soon as she found out about Christian/Sully. But viewers need to remember she was a victim in this more than Sage Nick n Adam, (due to Y&R having her character play a role of someone with a mental illness) Dr Anderson took advantage of Sharon. Sharon began to suspect something wrong n that’s when she had the DNA test done. Sharon had just found out about Christian/Sully within minutes of the nurse telling Sage. I do agree with everyone she needs to tell, most of Geno City hates her anyway. She also needs to leave Dylan they just do not belong together. Dylan needs to be with Avery. Adam n Chelsea needs to take Christian, but what would be an even better story would be if Adam gave Christian to Nick n Sharon. Not Dylan n Sharon. This would be some kind of stupid story they would come
    up with.

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