‘The Young and The Restless’ POLL: Are You Team Victor or Team Phyllis? VOTE!


‘The Young and The Restless’ (Y&R) spoilers reveal that Phyllis Newman [Gina Tognoni] and Victor Newman [Eric Braeden] will continue to be vicious foes, but are they just two sides of the same scheming coin? Vote in the Soap Opera Spy POLL – are you Team Victor or Team Phyllis?

While it’s true that Victor always thinks he’s doing the best for his family, but often he’s doing more harm than good and more for himself than others, Phyllis can also be very selfish and manipulative in her actions – and does plenty of harm in her own right.

Remember how Phyllis first came on the Y&R scene? She drugged and slept with rocker Danny Romalotti and lied about her pregnancy. When she later focused on Paul Williams [Doug Davidson], she tried to run over Christina Blair [Lauralee Bell] to get her out of the way.

Victor came on the Genoa City scene in equally violent and calculating circumstances kidnapping Michael Scott and then attacking him when he escaped resulting in his wife Julia Newman’s miscarriage. Both Phyllis and Victor were introduced as bad apples and have only rotted over time…

Phyllis and Victor have both done their loved ones dirty with paternity schemes. Victor has been holding Christian’s paternity truth over Adam Newman’s [Justin Hartley] head – even though Adam finally put a stop to that.

But do you remember when Sharon Newman [Sharon Case] switched out Summer Newman’s [Hunter King] test results and Phyllis found out and tormented Sharon horribly to try and ruin her relationship with Nick Newman [Joshua Morrow]?

More recently, it’s fair to say that Victor was clearly in the wrong for sending Marco Annicelli [Peter Bergman] to pretend to be Phyllis’ hubby but Phyllis has also done tons of dirty deeds herself.

For instance, would Kelly Andrews [Cady McClain] have ended up so insane and antagonistic while she had Jack Abbott [Peter Bergman] captive if it wasn’t for the manipulations of both Phyllis and Victor?

Remember Victor tested out Marco as Jack by doing a dry run on Kelly. And before that, Phyllis tormented Kelly, taunting her with fake text messages from Jack and showing up in his place.

Victor has schemed to kill, and that’s awful, but just last Halloween, Phyllis physically attacked Patty Williams (Stacy Haiduk) and left her for dead in the fire even when Jack tried to reason with his wife.

So what do you think? Is Victor worse than Phyllis? Is Phyllis the truly diabolical one or is she just a bully? Share your comments and vote in the POLL on which team you’re on – Team Victor or Team Phyllis.

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