‘The Young and The Restless’ POLL: Are Billy and Victoria Done for Good or Are They Destined to Be Together? VOTE!

'The Young and The Restless' POLL: Are Billy and Victoria Done for Good or Are They Destined to Be Together? VOTE!‘The Young and The Restless’ (Y&R) spoilers tease that although Billy Abbott [Jason Thompson] and Victoria Newman [Amelia Heinle] are settling in as divorced and peaceful co-parents, the spark between these two is very much alive and could flare into passion at any moment.

Are Billy and Victoria really done this time? Check out the facts then vote in the Soap Opera Spy POLL!

#1 Billy and Victoria overcame so much to be together

Time and again, Billy and Victoria have overcome overwhelming odds to be together. That includes Victor Newman [Eric Braeden] having Victoria arrested on their wedding day to try and keep her from becoming Mrs Abbott. They started out as foes, then ended up marrying three times, even though the last one didn’t stick. But you never know, maybe a fourth wedding could happen…

#2 Billy and Victoria are Victor’s worst nightmare

One of the reasons that Billy has been so important to Victoria over all these years is that he represents the idea that she won’t let Victor control her life. Time and again, Victoria chose Billy, who was often an outright loser, over her father and even once walked away from Newman Enterprises to be with him. But now that Victor is in jail and Victoria is CEO, she could have both NE and Billy if she wanted…

#3 Billy fought his way back from death to be with her

When Billy was hovering at death’s door – as the actor transition from Burgess Jenkins to Billy Abbot was occurring – we saw Billy fighting to get back to Victoria. Hers was the name he uttered when he finally came out of the coma and Billy watched her from “the other side” as he fought to come back from certain death. When he woke, he immediately pledged his commitment to her and she to him…

#4 Billy and Victoria have undeniable chemistry

While Billy’s ambition to topple Victor ruined his attempt to get back with Victoria after his coma, one thing that is far from done is their chemistry. When the two share a glass of wine and talk about their latest romantic adventures, it’s clear that they are still into each other. They can’t stop teasing each other and their posture is intimate – it’s clear there’s still plenty of heat there…

So what do you think? Will new romance get in their way?

Can Villy work things out? Billy now has his eye on Phyllis Newman [Gina Tognoni] but she seems unwilling to throw over Jack Abbott [Peter Bergman] to be with him. Bethany Burke [Chrishell Stause] is all about Billy, but he can’t even get her name straight and keeps calling her Britney.

'The Young and The Restless' POLL: Are Billy and Victoria Done for Good or Are They Destined to Be Together? VOTE!And sure Victoria has new guy Travis [Michael Roark] but when he finds out he’s bedding down with the CEO of Newman Enterprises, they will have an explosive argument. Their new romance may be doomed from the start if he can’t accept her explanation for lying about her identity.

What do you think Y&R fans? Are Phyllis, Bethany and Travis just short-term pairings to scratch an itch? Are Billy and Victoria done for good or destined to be together? Vote in the POLL and share your comments below.

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  1. kssomom1187 says

    Maybe if you brought back the “old” Billy (Billy Miller), then I would say that they were destined to be together.. With this Billy – NAH, they don’t match, the chemistry isn’t there, they shouldn’t be together… Co-parenting is fine..

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