‘The Young and the Restless’ News: Justin Hartley Wants Eric Braeden To Join Him On ‘This Is Us’

'The Young and the Restless' News: Justin Hartley Wants Eric Braeden To Join Him On 'This Is Us'The Young and the Restless fans are really missing the father/son relationship that Eric Braeden and Justin Hartley portrayed on Y&R, but what if the two had the chance to come together on-screen for a new project, how would that make you feel?

As much as everyone wishes that Justin Hartley would return to the role of Adam Newman on Y&R, it doesn’t seem to be in the cards. Justin Hartley is now starring in the nighttime drama on NBC “This Is Us” and after only 2 episodes it’s already a big hit. So Justin is going to be one busy man.

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Recently Justin Hartley talked to Glamour about his new show “This Is Us” and how he would like for Eric Braeden to join him on there. He revealed ” He could be my dad’s dad! Milo’s dad! He would do it probably, (Eric’s) a good guy. We hit it off right away. I think I made him laugh, which he wasn’t expecting.” So how would you Y&R fans like to see this happen? Of course Eric Braeden would have to do both shows because we can not lose him too.

Eric Braeden and Justin Hartley’s on-screen performances together were phenomenal. The two playing the love/hate relationship between father and son was certainly on point.

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So Y&R fans would you be open to the idea of seeing them on another show together? It could definitely be very interesting, but like I said before only if Eric could do both and not put his Y&R role at risk.

That is a great idea Justin Hartley had. It just shows us how much he misses his former co-star. It would be awesome to have them two together again. In the meantime you can catch Justin Hartley on Tuesday nights starring in his new series “This Is Us” on NBC.

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  1. Kathy Dempsey Martino says

    Would love to see Eric & Justin together again but not at the expense of Y&R.


  2. DoneWithBravo says

    Here’s a better idea……… Eric could be on “This Is Us,” playing the Victor Newman character, since Justin’s character is an actor. Eric could be at a party or maybe on a set.

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