‘The Young And The Restless’ News: Eric Braeden Sounds Off On Chancellor Mansion Remodel – Not Happy With New ‘Y&R’ Set

'The Young And The Restless' News: Eric Braeden Sounds Off On Chancellor Mansion Remodel - Not Happy With New 'Y&R' Set‘The Young and the Restless’ viewer wanted to know what Eric Braeden [Victor Newman] thought of the new Chancellor mansion set. Eric does not approve of the changes and thinks it’s the worst set ever.

What exactly did Eric have to say about the new doom and gloom Chancellor living room? A ‘Y&R’ viewer tweeted to Eric, “The writers are keeping us on the edge of our seats! Please repaint the gloomy mansion. That color is so depressing.”

Eric responded, “it’s the worst living room EVER!! When they first showed to me I thought it was an old age home in CUCAMONGA!! Hahahaha!”

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Perhaps TPTB at ‘The Young and the Restless’ should have consulted Eric Braeden before destroying Katherine Chancellor’s [Jeanne Cooper] legendary home. After nearly 40 years portraying Victor the actor has respect for the history of the daytime drama and its iconic sets.

It started with the Newman Ranch after the fire. Then the GCAC got a makeover. Now the Chancellor Mansion has been redesigned. What’s next? Crimson Lights? Sharon Newman’s [Sharon Case] home? The tack house where Nick Newman [Joshua Morrow] lives?

Fans responded to Eric’s tweet with their displeasure as well. Depressing, dark, awful, disgusting and lifeless are just a few of the words viewers used to describe the new Chancellor mansion living room. A fan commented they hope Jeanne Cooper haunts the set forever.

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Judith Chapman [Gloria Bardwell] had nothing nice at all to say about the new look. A few weeks ago Judith slammed the new regime at ‘Y&R’ for causing the “demise of Katherine Chancellor’s mansion from a timeless vision of elegance, taste, love, and knock down drag out fun and drama…to a gray, lifeless, colorless institution.”

Do you agree with Eric Braeden and Judith Chapman? Do you think the new Chancellor mansion living room is the most depressing set in ‘The Young and the Restless’ history?

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