‘The Young And The Restless’ News: Chuck Pratt’s Exit From ‘Y&R’ Means CBS Soap Returning To Traditional Storylines Adored by Fans

'The Young And The Restless' News: Chuck Pratt's Exit From 'Y&R' Means CBS Soap Returning To Traditional Storylines Adored by Fans Chuck Pratt is no longer a co-executive producer or head writer on ‘The Young and the Restless’. Whether his new gig on FOX’s prime time series ‘Star‘ created his voluntary departure, he was asked to move on or a mutual agreement was reached has yet to be determined. Regardless of the circumstances, Pratt’s writing style didn’t appear to be fully embraced by the fans during his tenure.

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Soap opera fans seem to be put in the same basket as the soap opera stars they adore. Some people believe themselves to be high-class entertainment connoisseurs who can almost be heard uttering, “Please change the channel Jeeves. I find this televised bubble and the people who watch it to be revolting.” Those personality types must think that executives are only able to secure work on soaps because their talent is second-rate and that the actors who populate daily dramas, along with the viewers who watch them, are B-rate.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, balanced minds recognize the level of talent it takes to make it in any area of a highly competitive industry. Yes, soap operas generate an enormous amount of annual content and everyone involved works with much less practice time than is generally available on a nighttime network, cable, or brand name web-based show. But, the sheer force of will back office personnel and on-screen employees exude is easily commendable. Their efforts also reflect demonstrated persistence that some souls might not be able to offer.

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Pratt was hired under Jill Farren Phelps’ tenure during a tumultuous time in recent Y&R history. His arrival in 2014 came after Michael Muhney was let go, which directly led to Phelps facing relentless social media fire. Pratt’s resume included stints at NBC’s ‘Santa Barbara’. He had also worked at ABC’s ‘General Hospital’ and ‘All My Children’, where he knew Phelps. As many viewers no doubt have experienced in their own lives, personal familiarity matters. It often can make sense to work with those with whom one knows.

Many subjective points could be raised regarding Pratt’s influence on Y&R’s scripts during the past two years. In general, there was an expressed public desire for certain beloved characters to be seen in more traditional storylines, less emphasis to be placed on dramatic events, or well-worn plots, and more on engaging stories that honored the show’s overall traditions. While Y&R has maintained it’s ratings’ lead over all other remaining broadcast network steamers, a feeling of inevitable decline seemed to have taken hold. Now, with Phelps and Pratt no longer charged with inventing Genoa City, a new fictional reality will be seen by all fans who have been calling for change.

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  1. Skiwoman61 says

    So glad Chuck Pratt is gone,perhaps now better storylines will evolve for the latest have been far fetched and ridiculous

  2. Billyboy says

    Glad he chose to leave, hopefully we don’t have to many stories of his left, also can he take Hunter King with him.

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