‘The Young And The Restless’ Interview: Joshua Morrow Dishes On Dr. Anderson’s Baby Swap And Christian’s Big DNA Reveal

'The Young And The Restless' Interview: Joshua Morrow Dishes On Dr. Anderson's Baby Swap And Christian's Big DNA Reveal Joshua Morrow has played the character of Nick Newman on ‘The Young and the Restless’ for about 22 years now. Morrow sat down with Michael Fairman in his dressing room while being interviewed about the latest turn of events on Y&R; the reveal of Dr. Anderson’s (Elizabeth Bogush) identity, the addition of Jason Thompson at Y&R, the upcoming reveal that baby Christian is alive and living with Sharon (Sharon Case) and Dylan (Steve Burton) and so much more.

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Viewers have been patiently waiting for Sage (Kelly Sullivan) and Nick to find out just what Dr. Anderson did with their baby. The secret of Baby Christian’s existence could have died with Dr. Anderson but thank God for crazy Patty Williams (Stacy Haiduk) who paid attention to every move the doctor made while at Fairview. Patty knows that Sharon was not pregnant and Dr. A gave meds that made her believe she was, while she kidnapped baby Christian and passed him off as Sharon and Dylan’s.

Morrow offered up some insight into the Christian story telling Michael Fairman that they will eventually discover that Christian is alive. But the more juicy part to expect is the reveal that Adam Newman (Justin Hartley) is the biological father and NOT Nick. Morrow stated in the interview, “Christian is alive, and eventually he is going to come back to Nick and Sage.  And then later on, Nick is going to lose Christian. These are looming stories I can’t wait to tell, but they don’t need to rush them by any means.”

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While the reveal is not happening right away this story paves this way for some interesting twists in the lives of several Genoa City residents especially Adam, Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan), Nick, Sage, Sharon and Dylan. Sharon and Dylan will lose the child they thought was their own, Adam and Chelsea will be at odds again over this secret and Nick and Sage will definitely be at odds too.

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  1. Elaine Oxford says

    I hope that Sharon gets pregnant so she will have another baby after she loses Christian. It will be awful for 3/4 families after it comes out, because the baby is Adams the. Chelsea, Nick and Sage lives will never be the same, I foresee a lot of heartbreak coming to GC !

  2. Elaine Oxford says

    Should read then not the ( above)

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