‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Nicole Gives Birth To Healthy Baby, Sasha Learns She Is Pregnant By Zende

'The Bold And The Beautiful' Spoilers: Nicole Gives Birth To Healthy Baby, Sasha Learns She Is Pregnant By ZendeSpoiler Alert! Rick (Jacob Young) and Maya’s (Karla Mosley) baby is about to enter the world.  According to upcoming ‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ spoilers, Nicole (Reign Edwards) will give birth to her sister’s baby on May 17 and a soapy twist will follow. Edwards spoke with Michael Logan about the scandal and anguish to come in regards to this story.

Reign dished to TV Insider that Nicole starts having contractions, at a time when Zende (Rome Flynn) is present. He [Zende] wants to be a part of the experience and simultaneously gets a scrub and mask as he sneaks into the delivery room. Zende will witness the birth unbeknownst to the others who are there as well. He will later admit to Nicole that he made a mistake ending things with her but as soon as they get back together a bombshell drops – news come that Sasha (Felisha Cooper) is pregnant.

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Edwards apparently think this is the coolest twist ever. She highlights that while Nicole just got an understanding of what it means to bring a baby into the word; she is also ready and set to have a life with Zende. But it seems Nicole will be all alone since Rick and Maya are going to be with their baby and then Sasha and Zende will be with theirs as well.

In regards to the Sasha being her sister story, Edwards noted that Nicole’s issues are with her dad Julius (Obba Babatunde) and not necessarily with Sasha. Julius cheated on her mom and had Sasha keep quiet about it for years. “He rejected both Maya and Sasha, so it’s like Nicole, who grew up being very lonely, lost two sisters in life,” she tells Logan. Edwards share that the Avant family is slowly falling apart and it couldn’t be anymore heartbreaking for her character.

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So B&B fans are you excited about this twist? Do you think Zende will return to Nicole or will he choose Sasha now that she is pregnant? What would you like to see happen?

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  1. Tali salman‬‎ says

    I don”t think that Nicole will stay alone for long maby she will help Liame with his trubles with Quinn or she can hook up with Carter he will happy to be a friend to her who knows how this story willl go she does have with her fathe and Sasha that she found out that she is her sister. Thomas is going to give us some mager drama that he found out that he is the dad of the baby he is very angry that he was not talled.I understand Ridge why he did not want to tell him he new there will be truble a head for him and Caroline.

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