‘Days Of Our Lives’ Interview: Daniel Cosgrove Discusses Aiden’s Return, ‘DOOL’ Star Schocked Producers Asked Him Back To ‘DOOL’

'Days Of Our Lives' Interview: Daniel Cosgrove Discusses Aiden's Return, 'DOOL' Star Schocked Producers Asked Him Back To 'DOOL'Daniel Cosgrove is set to reprise his role as Aiden Jennings on May 9th, and he sat down to discussion it with Soap Opera Digest. In their talk, Cosgrove shares how much he is happy to be back, how he thought Aiden was pretty much done with, and how much he appreciates the fans who gave him tremendous support.

Cosgrove said that before he completed his run as Aiden last year, he was hearing talks that he could possibly show up in Salem again. However, though, he didn’t believe it. He tells SOD “You hear rumors all the time. Aiden’s ending was pretty fine. He got shot in the chest and wrapped up in a body bag.”

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Cosgrove noted he knew that Ken Corday, the Executive Producer for the show previously told SOD that dead characters would stay dead. “I thought, Okay, I Know my fate. Aiden was in a body bag” Cosgrove shares as he remembers how the boss said if someone dies they are indeed dead.

Though all this took place, Cosgrove received a call from the producers who asked him to come back to the show. He said that at that point he was thought it was just some joke. However, when he realized that it was indeed a real offer, he wanted to know what will be the story this time around. When he inquired, he was told that he will be coming back with a story, nevertheless the details to that he wasn’t aware of since the show usually keeps things a bit quiet. Cosgrove noted that he returned to the Days’ set in November shortly after the show’s 50th anniversary.

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Now that his on screen return is very near, he shares that he will step up his social media game. He said “When I do get myself onto twitter, I’m going to say thank you to a lot of people, because there were viewers who were quite vocal that they were not happy with the way that Aiden and Hope’s (Kristian Alfonso) story ended.” He went on to highlight how surprised he was by the tremendous support he received from fans. So fans are you happy Aiden is back? Do you think he and Hope will get back together eventually?  Or has that ship sailed?

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  1. Carol Anderson says

    glad Aiden is back as a good guy I assume and like I said before I think Hope is pregnant with twins one of course is Aiden’s and the other is Bo’s how’s that for a story line and could somebody on this show live happily ever after!

  2. jersey0710 says

    Sorry don’t want Aiden back , don’t like him & I didn’t like him as Matt on 90210. No natter what he tried killing Hope. He could of went to the cops & besides he’s a lawyer he should of been smarter to get involved with the Dimeras

  3. Kali J. Burgos says

    Don’t want him back. Never liked his character. Never will. Not even with Hope. Leave him dead. He’s worthless to the show. The ratings keep going down. The writers are ruining the show.

  4. Telisa says

    Do Not want Aiden and Hope back together. Just let him help his son and find someone else. I still thimk he had something to do with his wife’s muder.

  5. Stacey Stewart says

    So glad that Daniel Cosgrove is back on DAYS. I’ve been a huge fan of his for years. I look forward to seeing what’s in store for Aiden! 🙂

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