‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Eric’s Health Crisis! Quinn Declares War Against The Forrester Family!

‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Eric’s Health Crisis! Quinn Declares War Against The Forrester Family!The Bold and Beautiful spoilers indicate that Quinn will be declaring war against the Forrester family for their brutal treatment on Eric. Quinn will hold them responsible for Eric’s (John McCook) shocking new health crisis. She will lash out at both Ridge (Thornsten Kaye) and Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) for their betrayal against Eric by not attending their wedding.

Eric’s health situation definitely will turn up the heat and stir up all kinds of emotions. This new turn of events no doubt took the Forrester family by surprise. Will Ridge feel remorseful for his actions or is it already too late? Ridge and Steffy, along with the others in the family may not completely understand his love for Quinn (Rena Sofer), but obviously there are others in the family who do regret their actions as we saw in the episode that aired on September 28th.

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Many in the family showed deep regret for hurting Eric by not supporting him. It is simply a tragedy that it took this for them all to see how their actions affected him and hurt him so deeply that it may end up killing Eric. No doubt if Eric dies, the family will be left reeling and will have so many regrets and Quinn will definitely turn into the nightmare that they all are convinced she already is. The Forrester Family hasn’t seen nothing yet!

Viewers saw that Ridge was indeed the mastermind that directed and produced the entire travesty so it would make sense that Ridge and Steffy would be hit the hardest if the worst happens. As Quinn and Ridge go to war following Eric’s health crisis, Ridge will continue to blame Quinn for the entire family debacle and insist that he was right and she was wrong all along. Once Eric is admitted into the hospital, Ridge will even try to prevent Eric’s newly wedded wife, Quinn from being with him at his bedside by attempting to ban her from the hospital.

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Of course, this will not work as Quinn is legally his wife now, there is nothing the family can do to stop her from visiting her own husband. Before long, Quinn will be confronting the entire family over their vicious words and actions that led to his hospital stay and will make it clear that “they will pay for this”. If Eric does pull through, will he try to stop Quinn from exacting revenge or go along with her plans? It could go either way as we all have seen both Eric and Quinn are livid with his family right now. Stay tuned to see the action as it all unfolds in the coming days.

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    I don’t think they legally married yet don’t he have to sign his marriage license he had an envelope an he said he has to sign… I hope Brooke married bill so they can get Quinn out.. I don’t think Eric will remember stuff that’s has happened we will c…

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