‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Caroline Returns – Will She Steal Thomas From Sasha?

'The Bold And The Beautiful' Spoilers: Caroline Returns - Will She Steal Thomas From Sasha?After a while of being absent from the canvas Linsey Godfrey is making a return as Caroline Spencer on ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’. Godfrey was reportedly on a summer break where her character went to visit her mothers. Since leaving LA we saw her once as she was on a video with Thomas [Pierson Fode]. A lot has happened since she left and she’s coming back right in the mix of things – Caroline returns on October 5 according to the new Soap in Depths magazine issue.

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Since leaving many things went down in Los Angeles – Ivy [Ashleigh Brewer] came back, Steffy [Jacqueline McInnes Woods] walked out on Wyatt [Darin Brooks], Quinn [Rena Sofer] and Eric’s [John McCook] relationship was discovered and on top of that they got married. But, most of all she’s coming back to find out that her baby daddy, Thomas has gotten more than acquainted with Sash [Felisha Cooper]. Will Caroline be Sasha’s rival?

Pierson Fode shared with SID saying “If Caroline had been in L.A this whole time, there’d have been no opportunity for Sasha and Thomas to grow close”. Caroline coming back now has us all thinking what does this mean for ‘Tasha’ [Thomas and Sasha], will they break up? Will this be a new love triangle?

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Maybe Caroline will come back and steal Thomas’ heart again. You never know!” teases Fode in a conversation with SID. So will Sasha and Thomas be strong enough to withstand Caroline’s presence in LA? Will Caroline go head to head with Sasha for Thomas’ heart? Will Caroline find somebody new?

So what do you want to see ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ fans? Do you want Thomas and Sasha to stay together or do you want him back with Caroline? Should this be a new love triangle?

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