‘General Hospital’ Rumors: Could Valentin Cassadine Really Be Charlotte’s Father? DNA Similarities?

‘General Hospital’ Rumors: Could Valentin Cassadine REALLY Be Charlotte’s Father? DNA Similarities?‘General Hospital’s Nathan (Ryan Paevy) and Maxie’s (Kristen Storms) relationship was been somewhat strained ever since his ex-wife Claudette (Bree Williamson) came to Port Charles. Maxie has been sparing with Claudette for months, accusing her of trying to get Nathan back and now the baby bombshell. Of course, Maxie was reluctant to believe her story at first and was convinced that the baby was not Nathan’s especially since we all know that Claudette was cheating on Nathan with the Doctor/Priest, Griffin Munroe (Matt Cohen) at the time.

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We learned that Nathan ordered a DNA test which evidently Claudette was unaware of at the time. DNA tests results came back to Nathan and proved that Nathan is the father of Claudette’s daughter, Charlotte. Don’t count on those DNA results being correct yet, since we all know in Port Charles DNA test results always have this funny way of being tampered with, which is likely what happened.

Also, in the General Hospital episode which aired on September 29th, Claudette made a confession to Nathan, one that I’m sure GH viewers suspected all along- the bad guy that was and is still after Claudette and her daughter is none other than Valentin Cassadine.

We know since Dr. Obrect (Kathleen Gati) is Nathan’s mother who has been known to have ties with the Cassadines. Could Nathan and Valentin be blood-related at all? That would certainly explain how the DNA test shook out the way it did. Claudette did look relieved and somewhat surprised that Nathan ended up being the father, perhaps she knew all along that neither Griffin nor Nathan was really the father?

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Maybe it was just a stroke of luck that it happened the way it did, who knows, perhaps Claudette is unaware that they might possibly be related enough to have that close of a DNA match when it comes to a child’s paternity. Internet sources are buzzing that Valentin will soon be getting out of jail and will find his way back to Port Charles, will Claudette run into Valentin and why is he after her exactly? For his child or perhaps she crossed him at some point and he wants to exact revenge for whatever reason? Anything’s possible in the city of Port Charles! Stay tuned!

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  1. ceecee says

    If Valentin knew or thought Nathan was his son and told Claudette then she could have used that info to bribe Dr Obrecht to accept the child. We all know that she doesn’t want Nathan to know who his father is and assume it is Valentin.

  2. Nicolastrictlysuperfan says

    why would valentin know he had a son bc obrecht wouldnt of told him so i guess neither one of them know about each other.nathan doesnt know who his father is and valentin doesnt know nathans possibly his son.

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